Saturday Bible Study Message: Beware Of Satan’s craftiness

Online Saturday Bible Study Message.

Topic: Beware Of Satan’s Craftiness

Text: Matthew 4:1-10, John 10:10, 2nd Corinthians 2:11, 1st Peter 5:8.

As leaders, pastors, workers in the vineyard of the Lord, and members of this ministry, believers, members of the body of Christ, we all should know that the reason for our conversion is to make Heaven at Last and not for earthly things .
No wonder every kind of human being is represented in the Kingdom both president, governors, senators, queens, the rich, the poor, the white, the black and every kind of human being( 2nd Timothy 2:20, 1st Corinthians:26-28).

Everyone should understand that what matters in the Kingdom or in our midst is holiness, righteousness, peace with men.
When we allow ourselves to be carried away by the pursuit of the things of this world, it is a sign of departure from God and a sign of backsliding ( 2nd Timothy 4:10, 1st Timothy 6:8-10). We are commanded to run away form the love of the world, from the love of money and earthly things( 1st Timothy 6:11-12, James 4:4). The friendship of the world is enmity with God( 1st John 2:15-17).

No wonder many who have not known this truth can easily be captured by the devil who is wise and too clever looking for opportunities to strike (1st Peter 5:8).



It is very important for everyone of us to know that the devil exists ,and the activities that happens in our very eyes proves that Satan exists ( Revelations 2:7-9).
He was formally the most beautiful angel.
He was an archangel ruling other angels until He became proud and wanted to sit in the throne of God and God flushed Him out of Heaven (Ezekiel 28:1-2, Ezekiel 28:12-18, Jude 1:6, Revelations 12:7-9).

We all should know that since he was cast out of Heaven, Hell fire has been prepared for Him and his disobedient angels (Matthew 25:41, Mark 9:43-48).

Remember he was cast out into the earth and He could not retaliate or fight back and as a result, He had no other option but to fight and deceive the image of God, Man, who God loves so much and takes pleasure in.
Satan decided to attack man in order to take revenge (Genesis 3:1-9).
The Devil achieved His evil purpose by separating man from God thereby making converse of multitudes who he will torment and destroy forever.

If not for Jesus Christ dying for us on the cross of calvary, every soul would go to Hell fire (Romans 5:8).
The love of God has given us hope through Jesus Christ.


Satan is the embodiment of sin. He is full of sin, lies, deceit, pride, wickedness, hatred and all evil ( 1st John 3:8, John 8:44).
He is the father of evil and all evil in this world originated from Him. He is the father of sinners. He has no good intentions for man from the beginning. He is a liar and there is no truth in Him. He has no good thing to offer and He wants destroy man spiritually, completely and then send man to Hell fire (John 10:10a).

So are you making friends with Him? He has no good thing to offer. As He was cast down to earth because of his pride and craftiness, He realized that man’s weakness lies in what to eat, what to drink and how to satisfy the flesh. When He found out the weakness, He launched his first attack on our first parents with what to eat. Since He succeeded with this, He also tempted many people in the days of old and is continually doing it in the present day ( Luke 17:26-30).

Beware of Satan’s craftiness!
Don’t be deceived (Numbers 16:32). Remember a lot of people in the bible perished because of money, what to eat, selfishness, what to drink and more. He did it to many people but when He did it to our Lord Jesus Christ, He failed (Matthew 4:11).

The only way to escape is to know who you are, what you have and where you are going and to stand on the word of God and to be contented with what you have and put on the love of God ( 1st Corinthians 13:4-7, Ephesians 4:27).

Also pray without ceasing and keep on evangelizing the word.

For Sinners and Backsliders, confess your sins and accept Jesus Christ today as your Lord and personal Saviour (Romans 3:23, 1 John 3: 8 & 9, 1 John 5: 17a. Isaiah 59: 1).

Sin is dangerous. It is destructive and yet almost the whole world has gone into sin.
Unbelief is sin. Selfishness is sin; Covetousness is sin, Insincerity is sin; backbiting, murmuring, speaking evil of others, these are terrible sin.
Going to native doctors, stealing from Government, stealing from companies and individuals, that is sin.

If you are among those people that are involved in fornication, adultery, homosexuality, lesbianism, abortion; that is terrible wickedness.

Fighting and quarreling, smoking and drunkenness; all these are evil. Ask for the mercy of God.

Are you into polygamous marriage or you have sent away your wife or you moved away from your husband? that is sin.

Are you a woman dressing like a man or a man dressing like a woman, all that is sin.
The unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

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