Sister Thembi is one of the many chosen members God of chosen has delivered from the shackles of the dreaded covid-19.

She was tested positive to Covid-19 and upon receiving the result, she rejected it and immediately called our national pastor. Our pastor declared its not for her and cancelled it.

Eventually, she was admitted to the hospital due to the increasing pains. Upon admission, she was quickly presented with the realities in the hospital. There were tears on the faces of nurses and patients, as the dead from the deadly disease were carried away in their numbers.

While in the hospital, she heard some nurses speaking in hushed tones how they saw evil spirits coming in into the ward and entering the sick people. And anyone the spirits enters and comes out, that person will die.

When she heard the nurses talk about this, she was moved with anger and inquired from the nurses if it was true, which they confirmed to be. Immediately ,she felt the power of GOD take over her. And she began to pray radically; door to door, window to window, and then eventually called our pastor who then prayer with her.

After that prayer, she received total healing and deliverance from the sickness and no one died again in the hospital during her time there.

She’s also thanking God for the opportunity to be among the committee set up to study and research about Covid-19. She also wants to thank GOD for the opportunity to be invited to speak on Covid-19 at one of the doctors conference.


Photo Credit: Chosen Online Media, Johannesburg South Africa.

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