Covid-19 positive turned to negative!!!

My name is Bro Peter Mangwiro, I joined Chosen in the year 2011. I am worshipping at The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries, Johannesburg Headquarters South.
When God of Chosen does a miracle, sometimes it’s counterintuitive to the ordinary man and also the world’s scientists. When they begin to make the world believe that they(scientists) know it all, God proves to them that they are nothing, but men.

And even though the mainstream media tries to cache and secrete the miracles of God happening in different infirmaries, they have not been successful in that regard, because God’s wonders can not be hidden by men.

Bro Peter is one of those people whom God has given mulligans to life, by snatching him from the claws of the dreaded covid-19 that has taken many lives.
Sometime in May, he was sick and felt like he had a flu. The situation worsened and he quickly rushed to the hospital to be tested. When the result came out,  news was that he was positive of Covid-19. He was immediately admitted and placed in intensive care unit (ICU).
According to the results from the doctors, his lungs were full of the Covid-19 disease.
In fact, the doctors told him categorically, that there is no medication, no treatment for Covid-19. That as it stands, there is nothing they can do to help him. And that they don’t know what to do.
However, in the midst of the uncertainty and diminishing life, our national pastor called him and prayed. And told him to “relax.” He picked courage after the prayers. Instead of lying on the hospital bed, he stood to his feet, reject the doctor’s report and began to prepare his exit from the hospital. The doctors resisted at first, but gave in when our brother persisted.
When the doctors saw the improvements to his health they were stunned and in a state of disbelief. They asked “what has happened to you?” The brother told them that he is a Chosen. And that his pastor has prayed for him.
One morning in the hospital, he woke up to six doctors by his side, and they told him that since his health is improving,  they will have to transfer him back to the ward. But before his transfer, they are going to test him again.
The doctors tested him several times but they did not return to him with the results. On the third day of the numerous tests, the doctors said to him “Peter, you are going home tomorrow.”
After he was discharged from the hospital, the servant of GOD (our national pastor) said to him, “relax, you need what is called the perfection of miracle.”
That was how he received perfect and total healing.

Photo Credit: Chosen online Media Crew, Johannesburg South Africa

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