Breakthrough into gigantic wealth after divine intervention


Only God of Chosen can give a person the kind of blessing that will leave him in a twilight zone. He has in time past changed situations of members who were in low waters and those whose situation was straightened, and this is just another of his many wonders.

When our general pastor visited South Korea in one of the crusades, bro Emeka Opara was amongst those who mightily benefited from that crusade. He was doing business and getting pittance until he had an encounter with the general pastor post-mininstration. 

Knowing the fact that our pastor only visit South Korea occasionally, contentedness was far from Bro Emeka and he wanted something extra, and his yearnings paid off. Just as the pastor was heading for his car, Bro Emeka split asunder the crowd (like the woman with the issue of blood) to meet the pastor and to be prayed for. “ You are blessed” was the prayer our pastor said to him, touching his head; though succinct to Bro Emeka, but long enough for God to transform a man’s financial situation for the better.

The elated Emeka called his family immediately and told them to look for plots of land for him, that our general pastor has specially prayed for him and by faith he wants to start building.

While he was still basking in the euphoria of the prayers he received from the pastor, the pastor also issued a word of knowledge to the congregation on final day of the crusade, that someone was going to be connected which our brother claimed and fell into anointing as a confirmation from heaven. Himself and others also received a handshake from the pastor after the crusade, which made him feel like God specially sent the man of God to South Korea because of him.

Few months after the crusade, his business began to mushroom! He sent money to Nigeria for a land and warehouse to be bought for him, which his people did, and then began to build. Today, that empty land has birthed a gigantic edifice and he has invited friends, family and brethren to come joy with him as he kills-the-fatted-cow to dedicate and open the building.

Only God can do this..

Photo Credit Chosen Online Media Crew Imo State.

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