Six months after, a bullet came out of her arm.


Just like Revival broke out in the days of the Apostles, power was given, and even the lives of the Apostles weren’t the same after the experience at the upper room, So it is today because God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

In The Lord’s Chosen today, practically all gathering has the presence and signs of God in it. The testimony below attest to the above fact.

My Name is Sister Patience Okafor and my daughter’s name is Precious Okafor. We worship in Anyigba Autonomous here in Kogi State. After the election in Kogi State last November, to me I thought a boil was growing on my daughter’s arm, I was treating boil and applying everything possible, not knowing that it was a bullet from a sporadic shooting during the election that entered her body through her arm and devil is so wicked that she didn’t say or even knew what happened to her. The hole (seen in the picture) was so big, and how could I have think that it was a bullet that entered her.

Deliverance came our way when we went to our state HQ Lokoja, for State Leaders, Workers and Pastors conference that the State Pastor prayed for us the meeting and commanded power upon us and told us to go and demonstrate power.

I returned to Anyigba that same day, and when I reached home, immediately I touched her, the bullet (in the picture) came out from her arm. Brethren, I am still surprised as to how God of Chosen  works, I wondered how this girl could survive this for good six months.

I return all glory to God of Chosen.

Chosen Praise the Lord!

Photo Credit: The Online Revivalist Media Crew Kogi State

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