Covid-19 annihilated by the God of Chosen in South Africa


Despite the alarming horror associated with this Corona virus outbreak, one thing is certain and will never change; God Almighty is always ready to deliver His people from any pestilence including coronavirus (Psalm 91). We have recorded many testimonies of those who were healed of this dreaded virus globally. To the glory of Almighty God, Sis Naume Mujuru who joined Chosen in August 2018 is one of them.

Sis Naume Mujuru is thanking the GOD of Chosen for preserving her job and never allowed her to be jobless as a result of Covid-19 effect.

 She said that after two of her colleagues at work tested positive to Covid-19, all the units in her department were dissolved, causing over 40 people to lose their job.
But before the units were closed, her boss had already transferred her to another branch of the company, with her position and salary intact.

Lastly, she thanked the GOD of Chosen for healing her of Coronavirus.
She said that she contracted the disease after it had spread in her work place. She also said that the reported cases of those who were infected in the company where she works prompted her to go for a test. As soon as her result confirmed positive, she self quarantined herself and contacted our national Pastor for prayers.
Our national Pastor prayed and kept on praying for her always over the phone.

After 14 days, she went back for test, and it was confirmed this time that she is negative.

The GOD of Chosen have set her free from the spirit of death savaging the world.

She is thanking the GOD of Chosen so much for the healing and mercy upon her life.

This is the finger of GOD!!

Photo credit: Chosen Online Media Crew, Johannesburg South Africa.

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