Saturday Bible Study: God Has The Remedy


TEXT: John 3:16, John 10:10b, Matthew 19:26

Many things are happening in this last days around the world without any remedy or solution. Many sicknesses have defied the sophisticated expertise of the best medical experts in the world including the well-celebrated developed countries. The people of this world have refused to recognize God who can do all things( Matthew 19:26).

The people of this world because of sin do not know God; they have chosen to distant themselves from Him and his people. They do not mention God for remedy because of their evil deeds and yet, God has the remedy (John 3:17-20). They avoid God so that their deeds will not be exposed (John 3:21). The people of the world have turned almost everything against God and against the church because of their hatred and they call God in deceit. They do not take God seriously. They take God as a second human being because of their evil deeds.


The world is in turmoil of so many evil which is happening today, ranging from economic crisis, wars, earthquakes, tsunamis, overflowing of oceans or seas, kidnappings, occultisms, rape, drug addiction, money laundering and killings everywhere. The world is ravaged by all these evils. Also terrorist attacks, pestilences, diseases like the corona virus and others. Human beings are running around to find solutions to these problems (Corona Virus pandemic inclusive) but have failed to give people complete freedom and have even forbidden people from mentioning the possibility of cure from God and have told people to stay away from the church. What an unfortunate situation!

Those people are into self deceit. If they believe God, they would also believe that God has the power to do all things. If you search the scriptures, you will find out that there is no such thing like magnifying diseases above God. All these happenings shows we are in the last days

So it is a sorrowful situation that people of the world do not recognize God and are exalting men above God. They have almost stopped the church activities because of the fear of diseases and still, they have not found solution to the problem. The church has orderliness and discipline and yet, it is still being locked down. The world leaders and sinners are doing all these things because they do not believe in God and they run away from the truth because they don’t want their deeds to be exposed or reproved. They do not go to the true church (John 3:17-20)(Acts 24:25-26). It is either you belong to God or you belong to the Devil. Think about it (1st John 2:18).


Every believer should know that there is a great task ahead of us. We should not just fold our hands and allow the devil and his agents to hinder the work of God or gates of hell to prevail against the church. We must not allow that! We must all go into prayers (Matthew 16:18-19) If we all should come together and bind Corona Virus, it shall also be bound in heaven but yet many people are running away from God and are choosing not to turn to Him.

 So as believers, we should continue to pray so that this disease shall be no more and that the work of God and His program will never be hindered (2nd Thessalonians 2:3).

And today, authorities are exalting themselves above God like Pharaoh of Old (2nd Thessalonians 2:4). We all should know and have seen that God can do all things and if that be the case, we must do something( 2nd Thessalonians 2:7-8). So as the forerunners and agents of the devil are working tirelessly, we as the children of God should continue to pray ceaselessly and revise the devil’s work until Jesus comes to take His saints. The whole church should pray for we know that God can do all things (Matthew 11: 4-6)(Matthew 19:26).

Only God can do all things, the unlimited God and yet people are isolating themselves from Him. They despise and make mockery of God and His people because they do not know God and they exalt those that are operating in evil. If you are among these people, resist them and turn to Christ. God has the remedy. We have seen a lot of miracles take place in front of our very eyes and yet people still make mockery of the church. Those people are antichrists.

The church is a place of refining, a place of transformation and the earlier we recognize God, the earlier we will be transformed. We should not just fold our hands and allow the devil to destroy our Christianity anymore. We should be like the Hebrew brothers, like Daniel, Esther, Elijah, John the Baptist, Our Lord Jesus Christ and the rest. We have to stand out for our God. Let us go and prove to them that God is alive( Matthew 12:15) (Matthew 4:23-24)(Acts 10:38). Jesus Christ never ran away from diseases. So, we should do the same (Psalm 103:3-5). We must stand in the gap and do exploits. Let us go and worship God not to run away from Him(Matthew 10:7-8)(Mark 16:15). God has the remedy. Let us go out and preach and offer solution before the emergency of the rapture.


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