God brought me back to life through the Angel of my Pastor

God of Chosen has done so much miracles to prove that from generation to generation He’ll remain stately. When he delights in a man or thing, His outstretched arm goes even farther to wrought great miracles for that man so that the world may know that He’s the God that rules both in the heavens above and the earth beneath.

Sister Promise Onyedikachi would have been lying dead, entombed, with friends and family throwing grains of sand on her if God of Chosen hasn’t fought for her. Her kid brother died last month and the spirit of her brother has been restless for reasons unknown to her. He appears to sister Promise on regular basis and made her panicky.

The thought and fear of death made her rush to our Pastor’s office who then conducted deliverance on her and rebuked every spirit of death.
On her way home after the Pastor’s prayer, the death-obsessed Promise ran in front of a speeding bike without checking and lost her life at the spot.
In afterlife, she saw her corpse lying on the ground and surrounded by weeping people. She then found herself on an empty-cum large field running towards an opened gate. After crossing the first gate, she kept running till she got to the second gate where she met a man who welcomed her; and just as the man was about to open the second gate for her, our Pastor appeared! He gave the man manning the gate reasons why sis Promise  shouldn’t  enter the gate yet, as she’s yet to fill a form.
A great wind blew and they dragged her till our Pastor won her over and placed her on a wheel chair and to outside the gate before he then disappeared.
She regained consciousness and found herself on hospital bed, but strangely tongue-tied. Then in her trance, she saw our pastor approach her with a scissors and cut out something from her tongue to untie it and made her whole again. This was how she was delivered and has come to return all praises to this God who didn’t let her die before her time.
Of a truth, only God can do this.
Submitted by The Kogi State Online Revivalist Crew.

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