Yoke of prostitution and abortion for almost 15 years broken


Sister Emily Chosen is thanking God for making her a Chosen, she is also thanking God for the Salvation of her soul. According to her, before she joined The Lord’s Chosen she was a prostitute. She started prostitution at a very tender age. Her attires were usually mini-skirt, mini-gown, trouser, chains on her legs/waist/neck, etc.

She has been advised and preached to by so many men of God but she refused and kept on living her life the way she want. As we all know that sin begat sin, she resorted to life of fear, lying and committing abortion. According to her testimony, she had done so many abortions. She entered into trouble when she aborted the one that remains 2 months to be delivered, the baby came out but the placenta refused to come out, she almost lost her life in the process but God showed her mercy and saved her life. She is here today in the presence of God and the congregation to ask God for mercy for all the evil that she has done, that His mercy will rejoice over judgment in Jesus name.

In an interview with The Lord’s Chosen Online Media Crew, the following ensued:

Online Media Crew: Sister, how long have you been into prostitution?

Sis Emily: About 15 years

Online Media Crew: How did you come to know about The Lord’s Chosen?

Sis Emily: Through The Lord’s Chosen Magazine, and there was a day I was watching television, I never knew that The Lord’s Chosen Chanel is on my cable, I accidentally tuned in to it and started watching, after that day I decided to look for The Lord’s Chosen Church there in Akwa Ibom State, I located the headquarters and started worshipping there.

Online Media Crew: Is that how you became a Chosen?

Sis Emily: Yes!

Interviewer: Are you now a born again, are you now saved?

Sis Emily: Yes!

Online Media Crew: Glory be to God….

As our Pastor always says “The God that can save a sinner and grant salvation, that God is a true God and that is the God of Chosen!

Praise the Lord!

Photo Credit Chosen Online Media Crew Imo State.

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