Saturday Bible Study: Enough Of This Distraction

Online Saturday Bible Study Message.

Topic: Enough Of This Distraction

Text: 2 Samuel 24:16, Nehemiah 6:1-7, Acts 6:1-4

Many revivalists of old had their kinds of persecutions or trials as a result of the enemies of the Gospel which are the devil, demons and the human agents.
They always fight to hinder the Gospel, to destroy the work of God and to distract those giving to be work of God. John 10:10.
The Devil is an enemy of God, He is an enemy of Christ, He an enemy of believers and enemy to the work of God.
He has no good plan for the church.
Nehemiah 6:1-2.
 All the plans of the enemies is to oppose the work of God, to oppose the revivalists and to oppose the church. So we should arm our mind and not heed to distractions.
Although, God allows trials and persecutions to come to His children to perfect their faith and to make them depend on God.
Besides, He does not want His children to think that they have arrived or believe that the earth is their final abode. He allowed this persecutions to make us rely and depend on Him so that we will not be proud and so that we can live our lives according to His will.
2 Timothy 3:10-12, Hebrews 11:13-16.
So we should understand that we have a better home in Heaven and whatsoever God has allowed to happen to us is to make us know who we are and where we are going.
So we should not relax because we are on a journey to Heaven. Hebrews 11:36-38.
So remember, Persecution is inevitable to any believer. Many of these fathers of faith did not allow trials or persecutions to distract or make them lose focus rather they prayed and committed their persecutions to God.
Acts 4:16-25.
So we should not allow distractions even during persecutions. We should not lose focus or be distracted. We should keep on preaching the Gospel and evangelize to bring more souls into the Kingdom.



           We all should understand that we can not stop what God has allowed to perfect our faith and enhance our confidence in Him.
We cannot stop trials or persecutions. We must all go through it. Hebrews 12:5-10. Whatever God has allowed is for our own good. He allowed this persecutions and trials so that our faith can be perfected and so that we can be partakers of His divine nature which is Holiness. Even if this persecutions are hard, they will help us achieve the purpose of God in your life and also yield the seed of righteousness. Hebrews 12:11, 2 Timothy 3:10-12. As long as we are believers, we shall go through this trials and persecutions but we have to remain focused. Many praise and love God and thank Him when things are going well but when trials come, they will be discouraged, they will run up and down. That’s wrong. If they run away from the Faith because of persecution, then they are not genuine and are not fit to enter into the Kingdom of God.
1 Peter 5 :7. Gold has to pass through fire to be perfected so it is the same as our trial of faith.
We have to pass through trials and persecutions to be perfected and to be who God wants us to be. 1 Peter 4:12-14. So if you are passing through trials and persecutions, then it is a sign of you living a Godly Christian Life. So there must be trials and persecutions for those whom God will use and who will eventually make Heaven at Last. So every believer should accept our persecutions and see it as something that God has allowed so that we can be promoted and make Heaven at Last. So anyone that will run away from God, compromise and turn back as a result of persecutions is not fit for the kingdom of God. Trials and persecutions is a test to prove those that will be qualified to make Heaven at Last. Trials or persecutions kills pride and makes us to be humble. Those before us went through persecutions but they were never distracted and they continued to worship God in faith so we should do the same even in this present time and situation.


Everyone must henceforth, should stop talking about their trials or persecutions. We should not be distracted by them. Mark 10:28-30. There is hope for you so we should stop making our trials and persecutions relevant in our meetings and services. Romans 9:17. Whatever God has allowed are raw materials to advance the Kingdom and advertise our God. So let them know that there is God. Now that people are afraid or getting distracted, we should  let them know that there is God and that Jesus is coming very soon. So whatever is happening now, we should not lose faith or be distracted. And whatever may happen, we should know that it can never work against us. Romans 8;32. God is with us and God takes advantage of everything for the advancement of His Kingdom. Romans 8:28.
So it is working for our good. Remember all these things are happening so that the wonders of God will be multiplied. So we should all make sure to be mindful of what God does and whatever is happening is for our good. Nehemiah 4:1-9. Whatever they do cannot stop the work of God so we should not get distracted. Nehemiah 6;1-9. We must not allow distractions. We should remain focused so that we can fulfill our ministry. We should not talk about the trials or persecutions happening now rather we should engage in praying without ceasing and preaching the word. 1 Thessalonians 5;17, Acts 8:1-8.
No matter where we find ourselves, we should go forward, preach in season and out of season and we should have the right attitude towards our trials and persecutions. Matt 5:10-12. Don’t be angry or discouraged or lose your faith. If you are persecuted for righteousness sake, then Heaven is or you. Endure and you shall receive your crown. Matthew 10:22, 2 Timothy 3:10.
And so, no matter what we are going through now, let us go out and preach the Gospel till Jesus Christ comes. So now let us make up our minds to endure trials and persecutions and come what may, we will pray, preach and keep on doing the will of God. So we should remember that Persecutions are instruments of perfections of our Faith in God. Let us praise our God no matter what we are going through and at the end of this life, we shall make Heaven at Last. AMEN!!!.

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