Saturday Bible Study: When they displeased the Lord


TEXT: Numbers 11 vs 1-2, Zechariah 1 vs 15, Mark 10 vs 13-14.


Many who are careless with their Christian Life do many things that are contrary to the will of God. And also those who are not yet saved live their lives the way they like, in isolation from God and as a result they find it difficult to excel in their lives and in their relationship with God. Such people will fight, envy, wish or do evil to those who are serving God and they will be wondering why people who are worshipping God are growing spiritually in their relationship with
God, and have a growing effect in love, righteousness and zeal for God. People who are living contrary to God’s Will will be wondering why people are worshipping and serving God faithfully are moving forward. Romans 8 vs 31.

Such people have displeased God with their fighting against believers, wishing evil to those who God has blessed, wishing evil on the elites of God. Those people can never find real joy because God is displeased with them. If you are not saved or are saved and are speaking evil against the children of God, then this message is for you, you have to amend your ways because danger abounds for such people.

This message is very necessary because of the lack of knowledge of so many who claim to know the Lord and who are not yet saved and to those who do not have sufficient knowledge of God and therefore wallowing in iniquity. Hosea 4 vs 6.

Such people claim to be believers but have lost the lifestyle that befit the heavenly candidate because of envy or hatred. You have no right to speak against a child of God whether you are born again or not. 1st John 3 vs 10-12. We ought to love and not to hate or condemn. If you are a child of God, you suppose to have the love of Christ.

 Many when they feel that others are doing better than them, they will envy them and and speak evil against them. That is wrong. Are you among these category of people?

Remember Heaven is near. You have to do something before it is too late. If you be a child of God, what God requires of you is Love, that you should love and pray for one another. So you have no right to speak evil against a child of God. It is contrary to God’s Will. 1st John 3 vs 10-12. If you are there speaking evil or hating a child of God, then you are among the company of Cain. You cannot fight God or the children of God. Acts 5 vs 38. If you are fighting against the children of God, you are directly or indirectly fighting God. God will not be pleased with such people and your problems will begin from there. Hebrews 12 vs 14.
If you have Christ in you, you suppose to have peace in you. You have to follow peace with all.

The unfortunate situation in the church is that instead of brethren praying for one another with love, praying for the sinners to be saved, many are envying, hating and are speaking evil against each other. That is not the mind of God.
Therefore, God is displeased with such people. Numbers 11 vs 1. You must not allow God to be displeased with you or with your congregation. Make sure that you are not among the company of Cain or among the company of the brethren of Joseph who sold Joseph because they were envious of Him. Let us live to please God. Let us make sure that we do not  live like those who lived their lives contrary to the will of God.

When the Israelites of old displeased the Lord, God sent fire among them to consume them. Numbers 11 vs 1. And instead of moving forward, they began to die. So let us ensure that we do not displease God so that His wrath will not come upon us.

When Cain killed his brother, God became displeased with Him and He became a vagabond. And when Miran spoke against Aaron and Moses, God was displeased with Miran and then she had leprosy. That is what happens when you are living in sin, envy and bitterness.

And when you have joined multitudes to speak against children of God, God will be displeased. Numbers 16 vs 1, 29-31. We in this present church should not allow what happened in the days of old to happen again. We should remember that if we should hate and speak evil of anyone, then we have gone away from the track of true Christian Life. 1st John 3 vs 10-12.

Don’t be among the company of those who kill their brothers just like Cain. God displeases those people. Titus 3 vs 2. Maintain love, righteousness, peace and holiness. We should not speak evil, kill or condemn anyone. Let us not think evil of anyone. Let us pray for the good of others and reframe from speaking evil of others.

Nobody goes to Heaven like that when they hate others and draw other people into enimity with them. So therefore, we cannot do anything without God. Philippians 2 vs 13. Whoever is standing in the way, He will finish the work. So let us be an encouragement to one another. And let us live our lives loving one another. Let us not fight God or fight one another rather let us preach to one another and pray for one another.

Remember, Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord: Hebrews 12:14


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