Saturday Bible Study: Diseases cannot kill but God does.


TEXT: 1st Samuel 2 vs 6-7, Isaiah 44 vs 24-26, Luke 12 vs 2-5, Acts 12 vs 21-23

      Many ignorant men and women both believers and unbelievers have ascribed the power of Almighty God to diseases or pandemic which it does not have. Diseases does not have power because power belongs to God and  everything is existing and working by the power of God and so they are wrong.

The only one that takes life or kills is God. The one that gives life and without permission,. Disease or pandemic or anything that can kill, can’t kill( John 15 vs 5).  Human beings, corona virus or demons cannot do anything without the permission of God. They have no power! All power belongs to God( Psalm 62 vs 11),(1st Samuel 2 vs 6),( Luke 12 vs 5).

We have not been told to fear diseases or demons but to fear God. He has the power to kill the body and the soul. God allowed this disease in the world today so that people will come to Him in repentance for healing(  2nd Chronicles 7 vs 13). Instead of people running to God, they are running away from God and they are dying by the permission of God.

Our father in Heaven, our maker and creator that created everything both visible and invisible (Genesis 1 vs 1). Everything existing in this earth both humans and spirits, God created all. Genesis 1 vs 25. Without God’s power, nothing will exist  (Colossians 2 vs 16-17). Nothing works or happens without His permission (Proverbs 3 vs 6), (John 15 vs 5). Without God, you cannot do anything. So whatever is happening in the world today like corona virus, He allowed these things so that we can turn to Him in repentance and acknowledge Him (2nd Chronicles 7 vs 13).

God allowed all these torments in the world to make the world recognize Him( Joel 3 vs 25). Instead of doing this, people are running away from Him. It is only God that created everything and allows things to exist that has the power to kill ,not diseases or demons( 1st Samuel 2 vs 6),( Luke 12 vs 2-5). Only God is ought to be feared not diseases or demons. Turn to God; Let us run to Him for safety. Fear God!!! Don’t fear Devil or Human beings (Isaiah 42 vs 8).

Are you among those giving glory to doctors, scientists or man? God is angry. Herold took glory that belonged to God as a King and God killed him instantly( Acts 12 vs 21-23). Stop ascribing glory to man, Fear God.

When Pharaoh and his men refused to repent and continued to pursue the Israelites, God killed them in the red sea (Genesis 20 vs 3). God is the Killer, no corona virus or disease can kill you without God’s permission. God allowed this disease and is killing people all over the world because they have failed to turn to Him.

  Everyone should understand that God allowed corona virus disease all over the world so that we can repent and come to Him( 2nd Chronicles 7 vs 13),but instead of coming back to Him, a lot of people over the world are still obstinate and are still isolating from God( Hosea 13 vs 9), (Hosea 6 vs 1-3).

Let us return to the Lord, he is the only one that has solution. Return to Him ,he will deliver you, He will save you (Hosea 5 vs 15). Corona virus has no power to kill but God has the power (Psalm 62 vs 11) (1st Samuel 2 vs 6). What is killing people today is the wrong measures that people are taking by isolating God, not knowing that men are limited but God is unlimited (Matthew 19 vs 26)(Jonah 3 vs 4).

Let’s run to God. Lets do something before it is too late. The more they make disease greater than God, God will continue to be angry( Amos 4 vs 9-12), (Luke 22 vs 4), (Mark 8 vs 36-37) (Mark 16 vs 15). Let us all come to the Lord in repentance and confess our sins and turn to Him for mercy so that we can escape the wrath to come.

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