Thursday Message: God Shall Confront Them

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Topic: God Shall Confront Them

Text: Exodus 12 vs 29-32, Exodus 14 vs 13-15, Isaiah 59 vs 19.
 Every enemy or kingdom fighting against you or fighting against us will not survive, they will not survive that battle because God Almighty who we serve will confront them and give us victory. No matter how many they are or how many years they have attacked you, today God will confront them (Deuteronomy 9 vs 1–3).

 God is going ahead of us as a consuming fire( Exodus 23 vs 20-23). Whoever has risen against us or this ministry, God will confront them as He confronted Pharaoh. (Deuteronomy 1 vs 29-30). Be rest assured that there is nothing to worry about( Isaiah 43 vs 10-13).
 Many Brethren sometimes worry as though they are alone or as though the bad situation is too much for them and because of this type of behavior and attitude, they will begin to have fear and become faithless because they do not have knowledge of who they are and who God is( Hosea 4 vs 6, Daniel 11 vs 32b, Jeremiah 32 vs 27).  No matter the trouble, affliction, pandemic or trouble, we have God who is equal to the task (Matthew 19 vs 26). He is the one that has the final say. If God does not stand by what they say, He will cancel it. Don’t be afraid, the whole world is safe in the hands of God; In this present pandemic, God will see us through.

God did the same for the Israelites while they were in the wilderness. Pharaoh was bragging and was troubling the Israelites, then God confronted Him.( Exodus 12 vs 29-32). Lack of knowledge causes destruction. In every situation, God is waiting for you to say something and He will stand by it because God confirmeth the word of His messenger. Say it and have it!

God will not spare anyone who goes after a child of God. He did it in time past, He will do it again (Matthew 4 vs 23-24). God will heal coronavirus and all the diseases. He will raise the dead. God will confront this situation all over the world (Matthew 11 vs 4-5).  Our God can do all things. I don’t know what you are going through, today is your day, God shall confront your enemies.

      Our God is here to confront all your enemies. God will confront your situation and the demon behind it and you shall see them no more forever (Exodus 14 vs 13-14).

This trouble you see today, this pandemic you see today, this economic recession you see today, you shall see it no more forever. (Exodus 14 vs 14) . Whatever you are going through, look at them for the last time and bid them bye-bye. God will confront your enemies and you shall have victory( Matthew 15 vs 30). He has come to do that which no man can do and He has come to meet to your needs( Philippians 4 vs 13, Isaiah 61 vs 1, Matthew 11 vs 28).

Come to the house of the Lord, the Lord is calling you and as you come, you shall be liberated( Luke 14 vs 17, Philippians 4 vs 13, Deuteronomy 9 vs 1-3). God will give us victory even with all the present situation going on( 1st Peter 5 vs 7, Matthew 17 vs 17-18).  And so that problem will receive solution today. Your enemies and afflictions will not escape today (Matthew 7 vs 7-8, John 14 vs 13-14). And as you come to Him today, God will confront your enemies today.

For sinners and backsliders, they should repent and God will show them mercy.

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