Saturday Bible Study: Warning to Pray And Seek Counsel Before Any Decision.


TEXT: Proverbs 24 vs 6, Proverbs 14 vs 14, Proverbs 15 vs 22


Every child of God must develop deep relationship with the Lord at all times. We should not isolate God for any reason or walk in our own wisdom. We can never know more than He knows or know what happens spiritually or secretly or know tomorrow for He alone knows all things. So let us endeavor to pray and seek counsel before going into anything.  Before going into business, marriage or anything so as not to fall into the trap of the Devil. 1st Peter 5 vs 8.
Brethren, our role over you as your Shepherd, as your minister, as your pastor is to teach and guide you through your Christian life or race to Heaven so that you will not make mistakes and be destroyed.  Also, that you will live a successful Christian life and make Heaven at last. Psalm 23 vs 1-6.

As a Shepherd, I counsel you to pray always before embarking or taking any decision. Pray without ceasing. Pray and ensure that you get the direction and leading of God and you hear from Him. Seek counsel from your superior, those who are ministers, those who you are sure of their Christian Life and those who are born again. Seek counsel before getting into anything in Life, because in the multitudes of counselors, there is safety. Proverbs 24 vs 6, Proverbs 19 vs 20.

We must take instructions so that we can be wise and finish well in the end. Philippians 4 vs 6. Commit everything you do into God and hear from Him and you will never fall. Examples abound in the bible of people who prayed earnestly and inquired counsel from God before doing anything just like David who was called the man after God’s heart because He lived his life according to the will of God and always took counsel of God and He was successful. 1st Samuel 23 vs 1-5, 9-11, 12-14. So David sought counsel from God and God directed him and showed him the way and He and His men had victory. 1st Samuel 30 vs 1-8,18-19. Let us follow the steps of the Psalmist David as He always sought God and He was successful. Psalm 25 vs 20, 1-5.

Also, our Lord Jesus Christ prayed, relied on God and also depended on God to guide his ways. He sought the face of God in times of trials and temptations and God was with Him always. Matthew 26 vs 39-42. So, we should pray when going through trials or persecutions and also when taking decisions. We should pray and seek counsel always. Let us heed to this charge. 1st Thessalonians 4 vs 17, Luke 18 vs 1, Proverbs 24 vs 6.

Let us inquire from God and take counsel then God will reveal to us what we should do at every point in time so as to live a good christian life and make Heaven at last. Proverbs 16 vs 22. Let us pray and seek counsel from our superiors and from God through prayers then we shall be successful in our relationship with God and then make Heaven at Last.

  We should from henceforth pray like David and our Lord Jesus Christ when going through persecutions, trials and hardships or when we are making decisions in our Christian life. We should pray and seek for counsel even as this pur fathers of faith, Jesus Christ, David all lived their lives and were successful in their Christian life and ministry. No wonder Jesus Christ taught us how to pray. Matthew 6 vs 9-13. Jesus taught us how to pray, how to seek counsel and how to inquire from God. Whenever we are going to make a major decision in our life like the choice of who to marry, business matters, educational related aspects, we should seek counsel from those who are superior to us or pastors or those who are born again.

If you don’t seek counsel, you may end up in sorrow. Find out the will of God before taking any major decision. Seek counsel so that you will be guided and protected. Without being sure of the true answer, we should wait and seek counsel from God and get the true answer. Remember the case of Eli and Samuel. 1st Samuel 3 vs 1-11. If you have had a spiritual call, then seek counsel from a superior to know if it is a call from God. Pray and seek counsel always. Pray like the Psalmist. Proverbs 11 vs 14.

 I Pray that you will put this message into practice and seek counsel before embarking into anything and you will be successful in your Christian Life.

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