Saturday Bible Study: That All May be Saved     

TEXT: Mark 16 vs 15, 1st Corinthians 10 vs 31-33, 2nd Timothy 4 vs 2
Many souls are not yet saved and it is never the will of God that any soul should perish. He wants every soul to be saved. He loves souls. He created us for his own pleasure and for his own pleasure we were created and it is never his will, as a father that any soul should perish. John 3 :16, 2Peter 3: 9, 1st Timothy 2: 4. If you look at these places we have read, you will see the mind of God towards humanity.
Because of us, Jesus died! He gave us Jesus Christ to die for us and it is never his will that any soul should perish. Our Lord Jesus Christ died for us all and there is no reason for any soul to remain unsaved and the good news about this is that we preach the word but God does the work of giving them salvation and perfection. So let us go all out to preach the gospel that all may be saved. I want to let you know that you do not need to bother yourself whether he or she will be perfected or holy or become a rapturable  saint; that is God’s work.
Your duty is to preach, to teach and pray that every soul should be saved. And as we do this, God will grant salvation to all that are hearing us. Romans 10: 13-15.
As we preach the word of God, because of being sent to do so, they will hear about Jesus who died for us and they will believe and receive into their hearts and be saved. We must go on to obey the Lord and preach the gospel that all may be saved. Remember the Lord has sent and commissioned us for that purpose to Go and Preach.
      Our father in heaven will have every soul to be saved and come to the knowledge of truth because He has created all for his pleasure and wants to dwell with us forever and ever at the end of this life . So no one should be allowed to perish because it is never the will of God.  Everyone should have been given the opportunity to hear by reaching out to them because God wants all to be saved. 2 Peter 3:9. So we should understand, God created us for his pleasure and wants to take pleasure in us and at the end of this life, He wants to be with us and take pleasure in us from eternity to eternity and as a result, He will not allow anyone who will hear this word and repent and turn to him to be lost.
So let us go out and preach and God will save them. Remember in John 3:16. He loves you and He loves all souls and will have them to be saved. Don’t forget, all souls belongs to him. Ezekiel 18 vs 4. Because all souls belongs to him, He wants all souls to be saved therefore we must not allow any person (soul) to perish because of negligence. We must obey the Lord and go out to preach to every soul until all souls are saved. Mark 16 :15. It is a commandment. As we preach, the Lord will save them. God has commissioned us to preach and He has never told us to turn back. We should keep on preaching until the trumpet sounds.
Remember, we are his ambassadors. Remember his business while we are here even the son of God, Jesus Christ, was to seek and save that which was lost. Luke 19: 10, 2Corinthians 5:20. Christ has chosen us, Christ has commissioned us to go into the world and represent him and continue the business he was doing while he was here on Earth. Matthew 4:19.
So everyone must make sure that we represent Christ as an ambassador. Remember, this is the acceptable time, it is the time of Grace. After death, there is no way to be saved again. After rapture, the time to be saved have gone and it will be difficult for them to make it.
As ambassadors of Christ, we should ensure that no blood of any person must be required of our hands. No chosen member or believer, no worker should be void of preaching and at all times. Preach to Everyone no matter who they are, no matter the title or riches, they all need the gospel. Preach always in season and out of season. Preach everywhere. This is an opportunity that others sought for but didn’t get, but it was given to us on a platter of gold. God had chosen us and made us his ambassadors among others so we must make sure to represent him very well. We must not joke with this responsibility that God has given us. We must take advantage and do exploits, going all over the world, preaching the gospel and winning souls. If we have not won any soul in a day, then there is no need to rejoice that day. It is a privilege for us to be chosen as an ambassador for Christ. 1Corinthians 1:26-29.
God is the Almighty. God is the all-wise God. He has chosen us in our little extent to serve him and that no flesh should glory in his presence. Let us go and preach. Let us satisfy the mind and the will of God. Let us make sure that we prove to him that we appreciate the privilege given to us to go on, preach and make disciples of all nations. We should go and preach without looking back. Mark 16 :15, 2Timothy 4 : 1-2. Preach always in season and out of season. Preach always no matter the circumstances. We must preach no matter the situation.
As ambassadors for Christ, we must represent him by seeking and saving the lost. And as we do, we shall fulfil our ministry and at the end of this life, we shall be rewarded. As we Preach the word continuously, we shall be blessed. It is the perfect will of God. Remember, do the will of God and prosper. 2Timothy 4:6-8. Every chosen or believer must preach the gospel in and out of season. Matthew 4 vs 17,19,20-23.
We must follow after our Lord Jesus Christ example and we must aim at what Jesus aimed at that All should be saved. Jesus set the example of preaching likewise the apostles. Acts 8 vs 1-4. Even when there was hardship and trials, the disciples still obeyed the Lord and continued to preach everywhere and win souls so we should do the same and preach in season and out of season and do exploits even in the midst of the crises and troubles going on in the world. Acts 6:1-4.
We must remain focused and should not get distracted and we should preach until all are saved. And as we do, we shall fulfil our vision and mandate and at the end of this life, we shall receive our crown in heaven.
      Remember, we are not those that can change the world but the Lord. 1Samuel 2: 9, John 15 : 5. As we rely upon him who has the power to transform the world and grant great revival and salvation to all, then He will do it and will change the world. Our role and duty is to preach the world of God as we have been called and commissioned unto that purpose.
2 Timothy 4 :2. Go into all the world and preach the gospel everywhere and every place as a soul winner, as missionaries.
Go everywhere and preach the gospel not only a specific place. We all must aim at saving the whole world before leaving the Earth. The whole world is waiting for you. Let’s go and preach the gospel. Let’s be on the move until the trumpet sounds. If you are not aiming to go round the whole world, then you are limited. Go and Preach around your locality, around your village, around your state, around your country. Let’s be on the move. Do the work of an evangelist. 2 Timothy 4:5.
Afflictions may be there, endure it and do the will of God. Don’t be a stationary preacher, move everywhere and make sure everyone hears from you and be saved. Fulfil your purpose and have this vision in you “We must evangelise the whole world”. That is our calling and our commission.
How many souls have you touched?. Go and Preach. Anyone who is not preaching this word is outside the will of God so Go and work for God and He will work for you and bless you.

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