A Brother And Sister Healed Of Coronavirus In New Jersey, USA.


We are all well informed that in the last few months, increased human efforts and resources had been invested to find an appropriate response to the coronavirus pandemic. This includes the roll-out of certain preventive measures to curb the spread of the virus. Irrespective of these strategies
there is yet no solution. It is saddening to learn that an estimated 300,000 deaths have been reported worldwide and attributable to the virus.
Despite the terror associated with this coronavirus plague, God Almighty has remained faithful in delivering His children from the virus.
Our General Overseer, Pastor Lazarus Mouka had declared at the early stages of the pandemic that no member of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries will die of this virus. Furthermore, at every of his live ministrations, he continues to pray for as many that are afflicted of the Covid-19 virus.
Several testimonies have since been recorded of God’s benevolence in answering the prayers of his Servant.

The following is another great testimony as testified by our Sis Martina Ochomma from New Jersey USA, whom God healed and also healed her brother of the coronavirus. In addition her young daughter living with her was shielded miraculously from contacting the virus.
How did Sister Martina Ochomma contact the virus?

According to the testimony she shared to the glory of God, it started on a certain day her brother returned from work and complained that he was experiencing pains and fever that appeared like a flu. Sister Martina advised her brother to take hot shower, and have some rest, that he would be fine. Unfortunately, his condition deteriorated and all the symptoms associated with the Corona virus were evident as she watched her brother wriggle in unexplainable pains.
She became deeply worried in view of the covid-19 current pandemic and how thousands of lives had already been wasted in the USA as a result of the virus. She was very troubled that her brother had contacted the coronavirus and that she and her daughter had been exposed to the virus. The days following, she prepared and applied all the known remedies as suggested by friends and families. She further sought medications from Medicine Shops all to no avail.

She then contacted her family members in Nigeria to inform them of the trouble and requesting for prayers for God’s intervention. It was at this time she remembered she knew a Pastor (Ndubuisi) in The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries in Ukraine. She recalled all the testimonies she had heard of how God of Chosen had turned around impossibilities. She then encouraged herself and called the Pastor to pray for them. She also informed a Chosen family in Nigeria to help in calling upon God of Chosen to deliver her brother. They assured her that God of Chosen would surely intervene. After four days, she became sick and exhibited same symptoms as her brother. She was terrified that she had also contacted the virus.

At this point, it dawned on her that only God had the power to deliver her and her household. She also applied the instructions of the General Overseer, whom as at this time she had began to earnestly follow his teachings and prayers on YouTube and Facebook channels. The General Overseer admonishes all members of the Church that any time we are in any danger, we should declare three times, ” I am a Chosen” and ask the danger “who are you”.

She also observed in the course of his ministrations, our General Overseer would curse coronavirus and declare healing for all suffering from the virus. She kept on claiming these healing declarations of our General Pastor. Even her daughter joined her in making the declarations In the course of the testimony, she mentioned that after each Online Worship Service, she would feel relieved yet not fully recovered.

After the Easter Sunday Online Service, she tried to call the General Overseer but was unsuccessful. She decided on sending a text message to him detailing their plight and requested that he should pray for them so that they would not die of coronavirus. After sending the text message, she slept off.

When she woke up, she felt like something was removed from her body and observed that she had regained strength. She got up from the bed and felt better relieved. It was then she perceived that our General Pastor had seen her text message and prayed for them. From then onwards, she and her brother started getting better day by day. She also continued to follow our pastor’s ministration. To the glory of Almighty God, all the symptoms of the coronavirus have miraculously disappeared from her and her brother. Today, they are completely healed and her brother has returned to work. To crown it all, her daughter never showed any symptom of the virus. Our sister is full of gratitude to God of Chosen for delivering them from coronavirus.

We wish to emphasize that our sister started following our Online Church program after her brother contacted the virus. Having experienced this great deliverance from the God of Chosen, our sister has made a commitment to become a member of the Lords Chosen Church.
We thank God for this great miracle and all other numerous testimonies shared in The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries. Indeed, only God can do this!!!

Photo Credit: The Lord’s Chosen Online Revivalist Media Crew

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