Saturday Workers Meeting: Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthani

Saturday Online Worker’s Meeting


TEXT: Mark 15 vs 30-34, John 4 vs 34-38, Romans 8 vs 28

     Every worker, leaders, pastors and members of the body of Christ all over the world should never think that the Lord has forsaken the believers or Churches all over the world because of what is on ground today rather what is happening in the present days is the answer to our prayers for the salvation of the souls of multitudes all over the world.

Remember the Lord is the master builder.
He is the one building his church.
In the course of building, many things are bound to happen. What is going on in our society and all over the world today like the lockdown of churches and the pandemic, there is nothing to worry about.
God whom we serve knows about it and nobody can stop him. Nobody can stop God. Matthew 16 vs 18.
The church must be built and finished.
No one and nothing can stop him. The devil is about to make the same mistake but there is no need to worry because the devil is an instrument in the hands of God to fulfill his project. Devil is a raw material likewise all the agents of the devil are raw materials.
Whoever that is thinking that he is fighting the church is a raw material. There is no way you can fight against your maker. With all your money and power, God is your maker.
 The devil made a mistake. He crucified Jesus thinking that He had defeated him  not knowing that the day he crucified Jesus, that was the day the whole world gained salvation. Now by devil aiming to lock the church, that is the beginning of the worldwide revival and multitudes shall be saved.
The devil and his agents are raw materials.
Be it billions of people, they cannot stop the program of God. The whole world cannot stop the program of God and neither disease can stop the program of God.
The Lord has not forsaken us in the lockdown. It is the instrument of God to start the real revival, to usher millions and billions of people into the kingdom even those who don’t believe in God. What is happening today will turn into a testimony for the church. All those who think they are working against God, God will use them like Pharaoh and advertise his work. Romans 8:28.
Including lockdown or lockup is working for our good. God is at work and it is time for the great harvest. John 5:17, Matthew 16:18, Romans 9:28.
He has all the resources, human beings are his materials and he will finish his work. Rom 9:28. We should take advantage of the situation and launch out into the deep, in prayers, supplication, fasting and preaching

Jesus said “ELOI, ELOI, SABACHTHANI”. He meant “My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?” but the Lord did not forsake him. He was carrying the sin of the whole world and had to pay the price and when it was all over. He said “It is finished”.



During the time of our Lord Jesus Christ earthly ministry, He went through a lot of difficulties, a lot of challenges, a lot of oppositions, trials and persecution to the point that He cried out on the cross “My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?”.
Mark 15:30-34. I don’t know what we are going through in this present world, God has not forsaken us. He has a plan for you.
God is on course, He is building and He will finish his work. The father did not forsake him but rather He has a plan for what He was going through at that moment. God has plan for that. No wonder the bible says in John 3:16. While Christ was on the cross. God had a plan to offer Jesus so that the world will be saved and that his plan must be finished and God finished it. Romans 8:32. If Jesus was given to us by God, to grant us salvation and to die for us then whatsoever we are going through in this present world, He has a plan. Romans 5:8. God was planning and executing his plan to grant the world salvation in expense of his son and the sinners, pharisees and the unbelievers were laughing and mocking the Lord not knowing that it was there that Jesus bruised the head of the serpent, not knowing that it was there that the door was open to the salvation of the world and it was there that the Lord gave us eternal life so it was the plan of God that through his death, the whole world shall be saved and multitudes will enter the kingdom of God. John 12:23-24.
Through his death, we were given eternal life and God has a plan for this present situation today to bring multitudes into the kingdom. And it is already happening today, we can see millions of people worshipping God with all of their heart during this lockdown, people are calling upon God all over the world and more will still do so. Devil has no wisdom, his wisdom is God’s raw material to achieve his purpose. The more the devil is locking people down and creating fear through this covid-19 pandemic, the more people are running to the Lord and becoming saved.
So never you ever think that because of what is happening now that the Lord has forsaken you. I want to let you know that the Lord has not forsaken you and he has also not forsaken the church. Isaiah 53:1-6, Matthew 26:39-42.

 Jesus prayed earnestly and the will of God came to pass. After Jesus prayed and prayed, he was crucified because that was the will of God that through him, all men will be saved. John 14:6. So his will and plan was that our Lord Jesus Christ would die on the cross to save us from sin. Romans 8:28. Whatever is happening in this world is working for our good to fulfill the plan of God. The plan and will of God must be fulfilled even though the devil may be happy that he has closed the churches. He doesn’t know that it is a raw material that God has used to bring great multitudes to the kingdom and bring great awakening. Anyone thinking that he can oppose God is making a great mistake.
How can you oppose God, your maker?.
God will teach devil and all his agents an unforgettable lesson. His plans for the present world must be fulfilled.
Though the devil may be happy that he has closed the churches, the Lord will use the ugly situation to grant salvation and great revival for the world. Remember Romans 8:28. Nobody can stop God not even this ugly situation.
He will finish his work even during this lockdown of churches and at his appointed time, the churches will be reopened. He will finish the work and his plan will be fulfilled.


 Remember nothing is working against God and everything is working together for good to the glory of God and also to they that love him, it is working together for their good according to Romans 8:28. When the devils, demons and human agents were rejoicing that they have crucified our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary was the very time that God open doors of salvation for mankind and for all to be saved so God is at work again. John 5:17.
Just as it happened in the days of old, it will happen again. While the devil and his agents are rejoicing that they have closed churches, it is the same time that God is using the situation to call people to repentance and save them from sin and from all evil and bring them to the kingdom of God. Luke 19:10.
So, what is happening today, the Lord is using it to seek and to save the lost and he will finish the work. Romans 9:28. So our response to the situation is to fast, pray , watch always and preach in season and out of season.
As for these things that are happening now, it will turn out to be a testimony to us. Remember, God is greater than the devil, demons, his agents and human being so let us return to him and salvation shall be ours. Hosea 13:9.
The pandemic in this present world today will be crushed so let us return to him. Matthew 11:28. So let us return to him and we shall be blessed.

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