God Will Make You To Believe – By Pastor Lazarus Muoka


TEXT: Mark 9:23-24, Isaiah 44:24, Isaiah 41:10.

TOPIC: God Will Make You To Believe

Many people are suffering today because of unbelief and instead of believing God and have solution, they chose to remain in doubt to the detriment of their souls. Such people
believe and fear the devil, they fear human beings and agents of the devil and even run to the devil, demons and human beings for remedy without solution. They go to those places without solution rather than believing the living God and be free. They prefer to go the wrong way because of their iniquity and pleasure in sin. They want to get things in a cheap way because they do not believe and later end up having nothing and in destruction.

Remember, God has no rival. He has no comparison. God is God. If you will not believe, God Almighty will make you to believe. Isaiah 46:5, Isaiah 43:10-13. God is the only one who can work and no one will be able to stop him. All such people who claim to be wise and isolate God, they lack knowledge. They should remember that the Bible says in John 15:5. Without God, you can do nothing. So, there is need for you to believe and be free.  God will make you to believe. He will make you to believe in this program by what he will do in your life. Remember, He is God alone and He will work and who shall let it?


Our Father in heaven is the creator of all things and by him, all things exists. Colossians 1:16-17. He has all power to do all things. Jeremiah 32:17&27. He has no comparison or equal as we read in Isaiah 46:5.
Any man or woman who doesn’t recognize this, lack knowledge and they are heading to destruction. Hosea 4:6. When you lack knowledge, you wallow in blindness, you will wallow in limitation, you go to wrong places, that will bring destruction to you. Many who claim to know, but cut off from God can do nothing. John 15:5b. Many of such people run to human beings for remedy but end up in nothing as a result of lack of knowledge. 2nd Chronicles 16:8-9. This man when he relied and believed in God, He was given victory but as a result of his backsliding, when there was a little war that rose upon against him, instead of him to trust and believe God, He did not believe God and went to rely on man because of backsliding and pride and God made him to understand that his eyes sees everything. 2nd Chronicles 8:10-13.

What brought about the death of this king, instead of this king relying upon God and believing God for remedy, this king was oppressing the prophet that prophesied and was seeking physicians instead of seeking God and God allowed disease to come upon him. He died. Human beings or physicians did not take care of his situation. He died in his sickness.

Are you like that? Be careful so that you will not end up like Asa. Isaiah 31:1-3. All the people that are running to men for help, all the people that are relying on the flesh, the bible says “Woe to them”. And all those people in the days of their trouble, in the days of their need, they will fall, human beings will not be able to help them. 1 Samuel 28:5-13. This person because of backsliding, did not believe or trust God, he did not seek the Lord in true repentance, He sought for familiar spirits and as a result, he went against the word he preached and he sinned against God and brought problem upon himself. 1 Samuel 31:6. Because of sin, because of not choosing to rely on God, he ended up in destruction. Let us not isolate God, disbelieve God or be ignorant of God’s will. Remember, whether evil spirits or men, they have their limitations but God whom we serve have no limitations according to Matthew 19:26.

So only God can do all things and if you are going to men, they do not have the solutions but God has power to do all things. He has power to do and undo. 1st Samuel 2:6-9. And if any man will continue to doubt God and rely on fallen angels and humans, God will make such one to believe and what he shall do in your life today in this program will make you to believe.

God has the power to do all things. Psalm 62:11, Isaiah 44:24. It’s only God that makes impossibilities possible. If you do not believe or claim ignorant of what God can do and you do not believe this fact that God maketh all things and maketh all impossibilities possible, I want you to understand that today, God will make you to believe. That God that has power to kill and to make alive, that God that has power to make rich and make poor, that God will make you to believe today. Isaiah 43:13. Your doubt cannot hinder God, whether you believe or not, you cannot stop God’s work and in today’s program, God will make you to believe and nothing will stop it.

Remember, many Israelites doubted God at the red sea, God made them to believe and divided the sea so they could cross over. There were also no food in the wilderness and God supplied food to them through the angels. They doubted God but God made them to be believe. They cried and doubted when there was no water to drink then God brought water from the rock and made them to believe. I do know who and who that do not believe in the word that I preach or in the word of God, I don’t know who and who does not believe that corona virus can be healed, I don’t know who or who does not believe that all infirmities or diseases can be healed, God will make you to believe. I do know who or who thinks that the problem he or she is going through will not be solved. God will make you to believe.

So if you do not believe or have faith before coming to the house of God, God will make you to believe. Mark 9:23. The reason why people are not having victory or miracles, it is because they do not believe. Mark 9:24-27. No matter what you are going through today, as you cry to him to help your unbelief as that man cried unto him. What he did for that man, He will do it for you. God is set to make all believe today with what He will do for you. God is set to make all believe today with what He will do for you. If you will believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

By what God will do today, you will believe by force. Matthew 19:26. So believe and be free. All those people that came to this church in time past, there are evidences of what God did for them. He raised the dead, He made the lame to walk, the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the dumb to speak. He made the dwarf to grow, those with hunchbacks had them no more. He made the women with no womb to have womb. He made the people who have committed terrible sins to be saved and many more.

Today, He will make you to believe. And every problem or situation you are into, hand it over to him and He will deliver you and He will make you to believe. John 14:13-14, 1 Peter 5:7. The Lord will take care of you anywhere you are in this world. Bring all your needs to him, He will give you answers and He will make you to believe.


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