The Unstoppable Warrior Of All Times


TEXT: Matthew 4:17-28, Matthew 9:33-38, Luke 13:31-33.


Our Lord and Master Jesus Christ proved that he is the warrior that cannot be stopped. John 5:17, John 5:36. He went through a lot of stiff oppositions. He went through persecutions. He went through terrible trials and yet remained focused and unshakable towards his goal. John 4:30-34. He went out everywhere preaching the word and saving souls in their
multitude. In fact his ministry was characterised by multitude everywhere he went and this made many religious men and women of his days to hate him, to speak evil of him and envy him. They persecuted him because of the success that he recorded in his ministry. They fought him but he was unstoppable because he is the unstoppable warrior. Matthew 15:1-2. In most cases, he was opposed. In most cases he was being persecuted. In most cases, the intention of the Pharisees and Saducees was to stop him, to make him to lose focus but he was victorious in all his days. John 15:25, John 11:45-48.

So there were oppositions here and there, everywhere he goes to hinder him, they fought against him but unknowingly to them, they were fighting the God of battle, the unstoppable warrior. Our master Jesus Christ never gave up until he fulfilled his ministry even in the face of all oppositions. He has things to say to show you that he is the unstoppable warrior of all times. In the days of old when he was here in his earthly ministry, no one could stop him and in the present day, no one could stop him. In the days of Joshua and in the wilderness, no one could stop him. He appears with the throne sword, the unstoppable warrior. John 19:30. So, it is very clear that no one was able to stop him until this word was uttered. The assignment, the reason for coming into this world, he fulfilled it.


Many things are happening in the present days that if one does not draw from our Lord Jesus Christ being our perfect example, such a person can make mistake or lose focus. A lot of trial, A lot of persecutions, A lot of battles are going on in our very eyes, even in our days, the only way to survive and to overcome is our drawing from him who is the unstoppable warrior of all times. Hebrews 12:1-2.

And so, he is our perfect example. Once we draw from him, depend on him, he will give us victory. He went through terrible experiences and left us legacies on how to live a true Christian Life and fulfill our ministry even in the face of all oppositions and battles in this life. He has made us to understand how we can conquer because he conquered and fulfilled his ministry. Matthew 16:21-25.

He is the warrior, He is our perfect example. It is him that all believers are looking unto to draw inspiration and also to follow his example. He was unstoppable when he was here on his earthly ministry. So, no matter what we are going through, he has passed through it before and that’s why he was telling his disciples what he was going to go through, how he was going to go to Jerusalem, how he was going to die and pay the price. It was really surprising to the apostles. Even when Apostle Peter countered what Jesus said, He turned and rebuked Peter. Luke 19:10. He remained focused and no persecution, trial or opposition made him lose his focus or even to leave his work half done. He went ahead and remained focused in the face of every battle. He conquered and fulfilled his ministry. While on his earthly mission, he encountered great challenges and yet had great success. He went through a lot of trials and battles and yet, finished well and strong. Examples abound in the holy scriptures of what he went through. Matthew 4:23-25.

He went everywhere conquering and conquering, all sicknesses and diseases were defeated, all the demos were defeated and the Lord went ahead with so much multitude following him but before the devil engaged him in a battle, he won because he is always a winner and a warrior. Matthew 4:1-7. Jesus was ready for this battle, the devil tried with many weapons, using the scriptures, but Jesus defeated him. Matthew 4:8-10. It was a fierce battle, the devil fought but in all this battles, the Lord was victorious because he is the unstoppable warrior of all times. Matthew 4:11. After that battle, the devil left him shamefully and the angels came and ministered unto Jesus and it was a glorious time. Jesus conquered all the challenges he faced and has the name as “the unstoppable warrior of all times”. Matthew 5:1. So at every point in time, he will go to the mountain and equip himself and then he will face the multitude and give it to them. He will give them victory over all their challenges and win their souls into the kingdom. He was a warrior, a mighty warrior and he is the warrior of all times. Matthew 8:1.

His ministry was characterised with multitudes because he was a champion and as long as the champion is on the field, multitude will gather. Matthew 8 vs 18, 23-27. Jesus was a warrior and remains the unstoppable warrior of all times. He defeated the sea, He defeated the wind, he defeated the devil, demons and anyone who opposed him and he gained victory. Matthew 9:3, 10-11. At every point in time, they want to oppose him, defeat him, accuse him of things but he gained victory and won the battles. Matthew 9:23-25, Matthew 9 vs 33-34. They tried to challenge and oppose him on every side to make him lose focus but he accomplished his goal. Matthew 9:35-36. The Lord proved that he is the unstoppable warrior in the face of battles, challenges and oppositions.

Multitudes came from far and near and he met to their needs. Matthew 11:4-6, Matthew 12:15. He recorded victories and fulfilled his ministry and everywhere he went, he sastified the needs of the multitudes. Matthew 13:2, 34. Matthew 15:30-31. So in all this battles, the Lord was victorious and healed the multitudes of their multitudes of their demons and devils and they became his subject. Matt 14:14, John 4:30-34, John 5:17, John 5:36. Jesus Christ remained focused, not being distracted or defeated and fulfilled his ministry. And all that he went through did not hinder him and now, he is seated at the right hand of God. And so, in all generations, the Lord is with his people and as the Lord is with us, we continue to be victorious. They can never and shall never be conquered.

Our master Jesus Christ is the great warrior. He knew why he came and walked tirelessly to achieved the same purposed. John 4:30-34, John 5:17. He remained focused on his mission, food could not distract or hinder him. He was busy doing his work. No wonder, the Bible says, he went everywhere preaching the word. He never gave up because of persecution rather he was seeing victory ahead of him all over the challenges and enemies in all battles. Luke 13:31-33.

The threat of Herod could not defeat or stop him. He conquered and won the challenge. Matthew 16:20-25. He conquered the challenge of death and the apostles conquered the challenge of persecution became they’ve learnt from him and they also could not be stopped as the Lord was not able to be defeated or stopped by anybody. The apostles also stood their ground and faced all the challenges and conquered. In the same way, we must follow after their example. Acts 8:1-4. The apostles were never discouraged, they did not stop the ministry so we should do the same. If you are the disciple of this great warrior, it is time to prove it. Acts 8:5-8. The disciples followed the steps of Jesus Christ, the great warrior, the unstoppable warrior of all time and they were able to record great success and won great multitude into the kingdom of God. In the face of their trials, they recorded great victories, multitudes upon multitudes. Acts 2:41, Acts 4:4.

They followed the steps of the master that is why even in the face of oppositions, they were victorious and conquered and fulfilled their ministry. Wherever you are hearing me now, you should remember who you are following, you are following the unstoppable, the great warrior who even in face of persecutions and trials, he went ahead and was not discouraged in fulfilling his ministry and won millions and millions of souls and sat down on the right hand of God and the apostles followed him and recorded great victories. Today, let things that are happening in this world not discourage you or distract you. Whether it is pandemic or battles happening now, move forward, go and preach, you cannot be stopped. Don’t lock yourself inside, Jesus is with his people. Move forward, preach in season and out of season. Prove to the world that you are a disciple of the unstoppable warrior. He will give you victory. Don’t count your losses, but look forward to victory, you are in the Lord not in the world. Matthew 16:15-18.

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