“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7 (KJV)
As believers, we are only permitted to fear Almighty God  (Ecclesiastes 12: 13-14). This type of fear does not necessarily mean to be afraid of God as an enemy but to totally submit and obey His commandments. Fear of the Lord brings with it immeasurable and unlimited blessings that one cannot finish here on earth, and more importantly assurance of eternal life of peace and joy in the heaven whenever we are called home through physical death or rapture of the saints. Thus, fearing God is for our good.
However, the second type of fear (ungodly fear or spirit of fear) explained in the 2 Timothy 1:7 contradicts the commandments of God, consequently, brings a lot of troubles. God frowns at spirit of fear, no wonder He instructed us many times, ‘’fear not’’ in the bible. Unfortunately, many believers still pay less attention to this deadly projection from devil and his agents. Fear is a spirit from the devil and his demons, and they use it to attack believers’ faith in God. Spirit of fear triggers partial or complete doubt in sovereignty of God and authenticity of His promises being able to be fulfilled. It can also lead to anxiety/worry, trauma, delay/denial of blessings, deviation from trusting in the Lord and backsliding in faith. It can also open door for God’s judgement. Hence, a spirit of fearfulness and timidity does not come from God. Fear says there is no God, God is not able to do this difficult one, whereas faith in God says there is God who is more than able to do all things.
Are you still battling with spirit of fear as a child of God? Then it’s time to face that ungodly fear head-on and defeat it. Allowing spirit of fear to overwhelm you because of the momentary challenges you are facing will rob you of peace, victory and blessings God has for you. No matter the challenges, God has repeatedly promised to answer your prayers and deliver you from any trouble (Psalm 50:15). In addition, Our General Overseas (Pastor Lazarus Muoka) has assured us that The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries is the Finger of God; even if we are not qualified to receive that anticipated miracle, intervention, healing and other blessings, the mercy of God upon the church will qualify us. In other words, with the enormous grace of God operating in the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries, answers to your prayers are assured. Perhaps you are afraid of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic; Lord’s Chosen Church is the Goshen of this generation, and our General Pastor has declared that all the chosen ones are divinely protected from the virus attack. You are more than a conqueror!
In order to conquer spirit of fear as a child of God, the first step is to know who you are in the Lord. Secondly, is to know what God has promised and given to you. Thirdly, is to use what God has given you to overcome spirit of fear through faith. Finally, is to experience the miracle and continue to thank God for all He has been doing for you. By virtue of your sonship with God, you have the spirit of power, love, and a sound mind. Are you suddenly becoming afraid of the coronavirus pandemic? You and your family will overcome it in Jesus name. Spend quality time in studying the Word of God to know who you are in the Lord and the promises He has made for you. Then through prayers and fasting, you will claim those promises into your life and use the power bestowed upon you to completely terminate any forms of ungodly fear.
The thoughts God Almighty has for His children, are of peace not of destruction (Jeremiah 29:11), He knows your plight and He will continue to make a way to provide, protect, heal you and your family. Are you worried because of how this pandemic has negatively affected your business, job, plan, the economy of the nation or the world at large? You and your family can never be in destitute. God said you will never be ashamed during the evil time and in the days of famine, you shall be satisfied (Psalm 37:19). God also promised to supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19). He will ensure your safety in any trouble and even give men for your life because you are precious to Him (Isaiah 43: 1-5).  Remember He provided for the Israelites of old when they were in wilderness for many years (Exodus 16: 4-15), He will prove to you that He knows you and your needs too especially in this pandemic period. He will replicate His power as of old in your life and family and cause you to rejoice exceedingly. The only obligation you owe is to continue to serve God in holiness and always take solace in the word of God. Do not worry, that temporary trouble will not consume you. God may allow it to draw you closer to Himself so that you will be able to overcome any evil event that may befall the world in future. The example of the evil event can be likened to this present pandemic that has been killing thousands of people on daily basis. The world is in a dreadful terror and disarray because of the awful destructions the virus has caused, however you should not be afraid of coronavirus because God will surely protect you and your family from any pestilence (Psalm 91). So, kill that fear in you because you have already overcome that challenge. You should rather be more concerned of your soul and that of your family members, for no one knows the hour not even the angels in the heaven (Matt. 24: 36).
Tell that spirit of fear (may be fear of darkness, evil persons, barrenness, poverty, sickness, spiritual torment, delay in marriage, lack of employment, failure in your career etc) that you have power over it, hate it, and rebuke it in Jesus name. Now do what you could not do before, you will notice that spirit of fear has disappeared; you have defeated it (Mark 16:17–18). Receive God’s grace and peace to overcome every spirit of fear of known and unknown in Jesus name.
Prayer Points: 
1) Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for giving me the spirit of power, love, boldness, and a sound mind. I will never be afraid again. I use the power vested in me to overrule every form of fear in my life in Jesus name! Amen.
2) God of miracle always make away for me and my family, make us to come out of this trouble unharmed in Jesus name!
3) Oh Lord, in You I put my hope, don’t let me down but provide for me and my family members in Jesus name!

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