Month: May 2020

God’s Warning Before The Trumpet

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THE LORDS CHOSEN CHARISMATIC REVIVAL MINISTRIES ONLINE SUNDAY WORSHIP SERVICE MESSAGE Pst Lazarus Muoka, G. O. TLCCRM.  DATE: MAY 17, 2020 Ministering: General Overseer Text: Exodus 3:6-10; Exodus 5:1; Exodus 6:1; Exodus 7:1-5&9-13; Romans 13:11-14 Topic: God’s Warning Before The Trumpet  Many nations and people have turned their back on the Almighty God. They have ….  Read More

The Unstoppable Warrior Of All Times

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SATURDAY WORKER’S MEETING SERVICE MESSAGE TEXT: Matthew 4:17-28, Matthew 9:33-38, Luke 13:31-33. TOPIC: THE UNSTOPPABLE WARRIOR OF ALL TIMES Our Lord and Master Jesus Christ proved that he is the warrior that cannot be stopped. John 5:17, John 5:36. He went through a lot of stiff oppositions. He went through persecutions. He went through terrible ….  Read More