Since the outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, at least 206,000 people worldwide have died according to CNN report on 27 April 2020. The virus has defiled the sophisticated expertise of the best medical experts in the world including the well-celebrated developed countries. Despite the alarming horror associated with this virus outbreak, one thing is certain and will never change; God Almighty is always ready to deliver His people from any pestilence including coronavirus (Psalm 91). To the glory of Almighty God, Sister Goodness Uju Denell (who became a member of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries in 2012) that lives partly in Germany and United Kingdom with her family (husband and 6 children) has been healed of coronavirus in Germany. Her photo is shown below. From the inception of this global pandemic, our General Overseas, Pastor Lazarus Mouka had prayed and cursed the virus. Sis Goodness’ testimony is in line with the declaration of our General Overseas that coronavirus will never kill any chosen member because Chosen church is the Goshen (Exodus 9: 26) of this generation. According to our sister, she became sick towards the end of March 2020, which led to her collapsing. She took paracetamol thinking it was just a normal fever though she felt better. Strangely, the sickness reappeared heavily which made her to collapse again in her place of work on Friday, 17th of April 2020. This time, her situation got worsened that she started to experience other symptoms such as dry cough, fever, loss of appetite, serious body weakness, pains especially in the sides of her lungs and severe breathing difficulty.

Seeing her pathetic health condition dwindling, her family called the attention of the German Medics, the ambulance service on 18th April 2020. She was taken to St. Clemens hospital, Geldern, Germany for examination. The medical team on duty knew based on the symptoms she manifested, it was coronavirus, thus she was tested for the virus. The medical team did not want to tell her immediately that she was coronavirus positive, because there was no space to keep her in the hospital. The medical team explained to her that she would be taken back home to be on self-isolation (while they would continue to be in constant phone contact with her) due to lack of space in the hospital. She pleaded for medicine but was told that there was no cure for coronavirus. The test result (shown below) that confirmed our sister was positive to coronavirus was later sent to her and copied to Ministry of Health, Germany. Although our sister knew she was in a serious battle of her life, she kept on believing in the God of Chosen to intervene as He (God) has been doing in the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries.

Our sister quickly contacted our brethren in the Manchester branch (1040-1042 Ashton New Road, M11 4PE, Droylsden), United Kingdom (where she attends church service any time she is in the UK) for prayers on 18th April 2020. Our brethren prayed for her the same day and on 20th April 2020. Later, our pastor (Emeka) that is coordinating the Manchester branch also fervently prayed for her on 20th April 2020. Our sister further narrated that few hours after the prayers on the same day that  devil wanted to project fear into her to the extent that she was hearing a strange voice speaking to her that ‘you are coming home, you are coming home’ She asked the voice ‘who are you, which home?’ There was no answer from the voice. She said it was at this point that fear of death almost overwhelmed her but she kept on declaring that virus cannot kill a chosen (that is a child of God) and she held firmly on the prayers of our pastor and brethren. Her husband and children were also in a serious panic knowing it was only God that could wrestle her out of the brutal hands of death. Notwithstanding, our sister and her family continued to call upon the God of Chosen for immediate intervention same day (20th April 2020). Our sister revealed as they were singing unto the Lord, she physically saw a big screen, just like a television and a mighty wind came out of the screen, and ferociously blew away a strange thing from her. It was then she felt that she had been healed. Immediately, she started to regain herself and all the symptoms of coronavirus gradually vanished out of her. Today, our sister and her family are full of gratitude to the God of Chosen for delivering her from coronavirus that has been ripping lives out of thousands of people on daily basis.  Miraculously, her husband and children that have been in close contact with her all this while never showed any symptom of the virus. This is the Lord’s doing and it is marvellous in our eyes. What a mighty God we serve! This wonderful testimony of our sister and others that we have reported need to go viral for the world to know that God is the only solution to any mankind problem. These testimonies will serve as assurance to believers that God watches over His children even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, also as divine invitations to all sinners to return to Almighty God and to boost the faith of those that have contracted the pandemic disease that God of Chosen is ever ready to deliver them.

Surely, we stand in awe of God of Chosen for this great miracle. We return all the glory to the Almighty God. Chosen is blessed!!!

Photo Credit: Chosen Online Media Crew, Manchester city, United Kingdom.

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