Text: 2 Chronicles 7: 13 ; Joel 2: 12 -14, 16&17; Hosea 6: 1

Romans 3: 23; Hosea 4:6, People all over the world have not recognised the fact that the owner and maker of the earth and of their lives is God. In view of this lack of knowledge, the people of the world despise God and continue in sin. All such people should make haste and repent of their sins, because sin has consequences attached to it. The consequences of sin is what is seen happening all around the world. Ezekiel 18: 4

All such people who have not recognised the fact that they have sinned will continue in their suffering. As you are hearing me now, have you recognised that God is your Maker?
If you want to be free from all that is happening in the world today, you must confess your sins and turn away from iniquity.
Repentance is the key. John 10: 10

We must not continue in our sins because God has offered a remedy and that remedy is in Jesus Christ. Romans 6: 23
Even though all have sinned, God has given us a precious seed of righteousness. John 3: 16
Let us take note that God has given us Jesus for our salvation. Wherever you are today, no matter what you have done, God has provided a remedy. Repentance is the key. John 8: 36

If you remain in sin, the consequences of sin will continue to follow you. However, immediately you confess your sins and surrender to Jesus, you will be free from sin.
Romans 6: 1
My Brethren, let us make sure we surrender to Jesus and be free from sin.
Let us amend our ways and ensure the presence of God in our lives. I am assuring you, God will crush that affliction in your lives. God will crush that Corona virus around the world.



God created us in his own image and likeness.
Revelations 4: 11; 1 Peter 1: 15
Everyone of us must ensure we repent and confess our sins.
The devil came to alter the original plan by striking and leading man to sin and man died spiritually.

Man sinned and lost relationship with God.
God declared judgement on the sinful man and threw him out of his presence.
Genesis 3: 15-19, 23 & 24; Romans 6: 23;
If you want to have anything to do with Jesus, you must turn away from your sins.
Luke 19: 10
Jesus Christ came to recover us from sin. JESUS came to save us from sin and from satan and all his evil. John 3: 16; John 10: 10b

If you have not repented or you have backslided, repent now. For repentance is the key and solution to all you are going through.
Ezekiel 18: 30
You see what you are going through. If only you turn, you will be saved. You will not die spiritually or physically. All that you are going through is because you have not recognised God.
Repentance is the key. Do it now and not after rapture.2 Corinthians 6: 2
Now is the day of salvation. After death, it will be too late.


Everyone is expected to return to God in true repentance. God is waiting for you to repent.
2 Chronicles 7: 13
If you repent today, God will heal your land and take away all that evil and afflictions.
Hosea 13: 9; Hosea 14: 1
God will help you as you return to him today.
Let us go with repentance and confession. I am assuring you, God will show you mercy.
Jeremiah 3: 12.

The Lord God is calling us to repent and to return to him. He is ready to forgive and show mercy.
Everyone should make haste to repent and be free from death, barreness, corona virus, etc.
Remember our Lord Jesus Christ is calling us from all over the world to come to him and be free from sin. Matthew 6: 33; Matthew 11: 28
I do not know what you are looking for

No one should continue to isolate himself from God. Proverbs 28: 13; Luke 19: 1-10;
I do not know where you are. It takes humility for you to come down from your high horse and repent.

Jesus Christ is here for you. As he saved Zachaeus, he will save you today.
Repentance is the key.
No matter what you are suffering, God is able to forgive and deliver you.
Search your life and confess your sins, repent of them and promise God no more. I am assuring you salvation shall be your portion.
1 John 3: 8-9

My Sisters and Brothers who are here, my friends watching me all over the world, are you asking what is sin?. 1 John 5: 17a;
Disobedience is sin, unfaithfulness is sin; hatred, envy, speaking evil of others is a terrible sin.
And all those that consult the dead; consult for palm reading, that is sin. Are you into stealing, fraud, killing people? Are you a thief, Armed Robber? All these people involved in masturbation, fornication, adultery, you must repent.
Are you into fighting and quarreling, repent and ask God for mercy?
Are you involved in taking drugs, smoking and taking all manner of banned substances? That is sin.
Are you into marrying and divorce, that is sin. Matthew 19: 4-6.
All those that are into polygamous marriage, that is sin.
Marriage is between a man and a woman. If you made a mistake, correct it before it is too late.
Are you dressing to expose your body, expose your nakedness, that is sin.
Are you a man wearing a woman’s garment, that is sin.
Deuteronomy 22: 5; Revelations 21: 8;
John 1: 29; John 3: 16; John 19: 30; John 14: 6; John 1: 12; Matthew 11: 28;
If you come to Jesus today, eternal life shall be your portion.
If you are there in that Nation, country or village and you have not repented, as you repent today all that judgement shall be cancelled in your life.

1 Corinthians 5: 17; Romans 10:13
As we call upon him this hour, I am assuring you that your life shall be transformed and eternal life shall be your portion.


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