God’s Covenant Of Peace And Blessings – Part 1


TEXT: 2 Chronicles 15:1-12 ; Matthew 6:33; Matthew 11: 28;

Our God and our Maker is the Master of all things and the Father of all spirits.
Genesis 1:1; Psalm 24:1; Psalm 100:15; Psalm 121:1; Colossians 1:16

God is the giver of life, blessings and every good thing in life, family, community and Nation. You can all testify to what is happening in the world today, the Lord allowed this Cororna Virus pandemic for a purpose.
After this message, something good will happen again and there shall be peace and blessings in Jesus name. 2 Chronicles 15:1&2

What is happening today is that many Nations have forsaken the Maker of Heaven and Earth. A lot of things are going wrong because many have turned their backs on God. 2 Chronicles 15:3-6
Look at the trouble the whole world is going through now. This is what happens when God is not happy with the evils of humanity. Many nations and family have forsaken the Lord. However, something shall happen.

This message Is talking about God’s Covenant of Peace and Blessings. Today, we shall enter covenant to seek the Lord again. Isaiah 57:20
You cannot forsake God and expect that in such condition you shall find peace. If you are a wicked person, do not ever think you can find real peace. There is no peace for the wicked says the Lord.
I congratulate every Nation and people connected to this programme today. We shall enter into covenant to seek God and  we shall find peace. 2 Chronicles 15:12

You know what you are going through. Having known that, let us enter into covenant to seek God. Our God shall roll away all the sicknesses and diseases.
There shall be restoration as you enter into covenant to seek God from today. Joel 2:25.
As you enter into covenant to seek the Lord, sound health and blessings shall be your portion in Jesus name, amen!
John 10:10. You see you, Jesus has come.
Over the years, you might have given yourself over to the Devil. Today, this very programme is designed for you to make peace with your Maker.
As you reconcile with God today through Jesus Christ, I am assuring you that abundance of life shall be your portion.
This programme is for you and so, let us take the right step. Honestly, you will see this Corona virus no more.
2 Chronicles 7:14&15. Everything about you is associated with God.
Infering from the above scripture, God has allowed things to happen that is not in your favour.
In accordance with 2 Chronicles 7:13-15, let us therefore make up our mind that from this programme, we shall enter into covenant to seek the Lord.
If the whole world will turn away from gay marriage, stealing and destruction, shedding of blood, from all these abominations, God shall heal the Nations.
Listen to me, this Corona Virus is what God has allowed that men may return to God. Jeremiah 29: 11&12. God is planning good things for you. God is planning heaven for you. You cannot wash away the wrath of God with water. You cannot take vaccine for what God has permitted. Whatever remedy you are taking now, note that it is only God that has the final solution.
The whole world listen to me! What has the Lord done to you? Do you know that you can sleep and not wake up?
Why must you shut down the Worship places from where solution will be made available?

If you want God to listen to you, stop making God as a spare tyre. Let us surrender to God in repentance.
When you find the Lord, you shall find peace. The Lord is calling you to circumcise your heart. Turn away from all your wickedness. God is not happy with humanity.
Pharaoh tried it and died. Herod tried it and died. Haman tried it and died.
You that is thinking that your money will save you, that your money is nothing in the sight of God. Our God is able to do all things. Have you seen any man that lived forever in the world? You ignorant man that is challenging God. Very shortly you will drop your body. Ezekiel 34:25&26
From now as we enter into covenant to seek God, showers of blessings shall be our portion. As you return to the Lord today, yoke of affliction shall be broken.


We must not hesitate to enter into covenant with God. Are you not wicked, if you are shedding people’s blood? Are you not wicked committing adultery and fornication?
Let us enter into covenant to seek God. You will see the benefit. All these death, death, death, will stop.
God is waiting for all these peoples to turn to him. All these plagues shall end.
The unrighteous shall not enter into the house of God. 2 Chronicles 15:1-6;
If there is evil and God does not permit it, it will not work.

When Asa in the above scriptures heard these prophecies, he took courage and took away the abominable idols.
God is calling us to recognise him and return back to him. God has taken oath and his oath is irrevocable, that unto him every knee shall bow. Matthew 13:24
Anytime you see things that are not good happening to you, I want to advise you, return to your Maker. Genesis 32:22
Jacob at this point in time in his life, had troubles. Jacob kept aside his wives and children. He put aside everything and sought God all through the night. God terminated Jacob’s problems and blessed him. Who would have told Jacob that a man from nowhere will become a Nation.
You that say you have money, are you a Nation?
Seek God and run to him. Only God can give us victory over the devil. Our greatest enemy is the devil.
Turn to God and it shall be well for you.
Psalm 62:11
Power belongs to God and it is from God that every living being generates life and power. Let us rush to God in times of need, in times of pandemic. Jeremiah 32:27. Let the world know their Creator. Amend your ways in fasting and prayers. I am assuring you, all these issues will end in a day. Isaiah 43:10.

Who can reverse the work of God? Who can hinder God? God will deal with every kingdom that exalted itself against the knowledge of God. Let us return to God.
2 Corinthians 10:3&4
When the Spirit of God takes over, everything the devil has done will be brought down. As we return to the true God, He will restore all we have lost and bless us abundantly. As we return to God in repentance and covenant, everything that has been taken from us mysteriously will be recovered.
Beginning from today, for all of you viewing me from all over the world, the God that I serve, he will deliver you.

Whatsoever you may have achieved in this life, in ignorance of this great God, is nothing. Only God surpasses everything.
If you refuse to amend your ways, you will burn in hellfire from eternity to eternity.
John 15:5. Nobody can fight spirits that cannot be seen with physical eyes. The only way to fight them is through God.
Exodus 14:13
You cannot have peace, progress, permanent victory without the Lord.
The things you have here are perishable. If you want to have lasting peace, you must surrender to Jesus and make him your Lord and personal Saviour.
You must seek God so that he will take over your matter and give you lasting peace.
For years, there was no more war in the life of Asa. If you want peace and blessings in every area, do what Asa did. Make peace with God. Many men of Old believed in God and God blessed them and they made heaven at the end of their life. The Psalmist was one of them.
Psalm 23
You should not be afraid of the corona virus pandemic. When you make peace with God, good things will follow you.
Let us follow after their example.
Genesis 24:1. Abraham was blessed and he made heaven at the end of this life
Your blessings, where will it lead you to?
Think about Daniel, God saw him through.
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, God saw them through.
How about our Master Jesus Christ, God saw him through. Let us follow after their examples. Ezekiel 34:25; Romans 8:31;
1 Corinthians 3:21; Luke 15:31; Luke 10:19; Matthew 7:7

I do not know what you are looking for, please come to the Lord today. If you are not born-again, if you have not made Jesus Christ your Lord and personal Saviour. If you are donating money, gifts and yet you are not born-again, all those activities can never earn you heaven.
1 John 5:17a, Matthew 19:4; 1 Corinthians 6:9; Deuteronomy 22:5; 1 John 3:8&9; Romans 10:13.
A Child of God must not dwell in anything sinful.
Unbelief is a terrible sin. Disobedience and stubbornness is sin. Speaking evil of others is sin.
I do not know the evil you are into. If you are amongst those that go to native doctors, necromancer, those that consult the devil, all these are terrible sins.
If you are stealing or you are into fraud, stop all those evil and amend your ways. If you are into these evils, when we are giving offering, please do not bring your money here. Are you into kidnapping, hired assassin? Do not say you are making money to give Church money. Do not give us money. We don’t need your money.
Have you sent away your wife or you ran away from your husband, that is evil.
Are you marrying more than one wife, that is sin.
Are you bleaching your skin, painting your body, that is sin.
Are you a man dressing as a woman or you are a woman wearing the attire of men, that is terrible evil.
Amend your ways and surrender to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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