IT IS OVER – Pastor Lazarus Muoka

TEXT: Isaiah 43:10, 1st John 3:8, John 19:30
It is over just as Jesus said in John 19:30. No matter the present situation, be rest assured that it is over.
All workers, Leaders, believers this message is for you. All will soon be over. COVID-19 will soon be over. God

has stepped in and all will soon be over.
Pay attention, all that is happening now is to draw our attention to end time. Matthew 24:7,8. It is beginning of sorrow for those who refuses to repent and turn to God. Have this balanced knowledge – all that is happening today, God knows about it. They are not happening by accident. They are happening for our good. They are signs to inform us to get ready for the coming of our Master, Jesus Christ. So, we all should be prepared for His coming. Roman 8:28 All things are working together for good to them that love God.

From the day God made known to the children of Israel of their freedom from their taskmasters, He truly came down and delivered them. Exodus 3:6-8. God promised and he took them to the promised land and their enemies couldn’t stop the plan of God. If you have hope of freedom, you will definitely receive your freedom.
Today marks the end of our problems. Believers all over the world, this is time for our redemption. Luke 21:28. No matter the calamities happening presently, believers worry not. We are in Goshen, we are in Chosen. We are protected and safe. Exodus 8:22. No matter the current calamity, Chosen people, believers all over the world, don’t panic. There is God, we are Goshen, we are covered. Exodus 9:26
All these diseases (COVID-19 and so on), they are not for us. It is over, living in bondage is over. For the trumpet is about to sound. The children of Israel was at peace and joy knowing too well their safety is in the Lord. The world is afraid of disease and are not afraid of God, God will cause them to fear. These disease that are coming up are not for the children of God, they are for those in the world, to turn from their worldly ways and if they refuse, they will experience more.
For better understanding of the message, we shall consider the following subheadings;
1. The reasons, preparation and dangers of neglect
2. Our expected response and warning.
1. The Reasons, Preparation And Dangers Of Neglect.
Our present suffering in this world shows that our Redeemer is coming soon Matthew 24:1-6, all these disease, earthquake and so on will cause unbelievers sorrows but we believers have nothing to worry about. We have to be praying for them. 2 Timothy 3:1-5
God allowed this disease so that He will deliver his people. COVID-19 is dead and God is assuring us that all will soon be over but more are yet to come because God want to set the whole world straight what is happening now is the demonstration of God’s love to mankind, He loves all mankind but hate sin. Therefore, he is using this medium to call everyone attention to repentance. What we should be doing right now is to prepare and do all necessary amendment so that we won’t be caught unaware. We must ensure the mark of the blood in our heart. Exodus 12:13
Ensure you are soundly saved by the blood of Jesus and you’re living right, these calamities cannot befall you while preparing and waiting we must tirelessly preach the gospel so that others may be saved. Our Master Jesus Christ commands us to go into the world and preach the gospel. Let’s endeavour to be like the five wise vigrins of the bible Matthew 25:1-3.
2. Our Expected Response And Warning: Many people in the world today are after money, possession, huge investment, they are not ready to follow God and adhere to his commands/instructions. The world should seek after God, that He is the solution to this signs that are coming. Amos 4:12
God is urging us to prepare for his coming because he doesn’t want any soul to perish.1 Peter 1:15. Let’s all be holy in order to meet our Holy God. Let’s ensure to maintain purity and  be in peace with all men. Let us take advantage of this time. Mathew 4:19, John 15:16, Mark 9:43, Psalm 9:17
Nations that forget God will be cast into hellfire Romans 8:31. God will preserve and protect us in Jesus name Amen. As we depend on God, He will give us final solution.

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