Promoted to the post of Surveyor General of Ebonyi State


If you’re looking for a God who takes you out of your lowest point to your heyday, in the twinkle of an eye, then search no more ! He’s the God of Chosen.

In chosen, he has blessed lots of people in this manner and now the blessing-train has transited to dispatch blessings in the home of Bro John Igbede and has changed his life completely.

As Civil Servant, his Salary was nothing to write home about. He decided to go into modern farming. He got 23 hectares of land at Igbeagu for this purpose. The cost estimate of this project is 60 million naira. He’s earning 50 thousand naira plus and this won’t go anywhere for the project though he’d 1 million naira. He knows what God can do and told God about his desires. There was a pledge in church sometimes ago, he managed to pledge 350 thousand naira and as he redeemed the pledge, God favoured him financially to the tune of 3.5 million which was added to the 1 million naira he had earlier. He invested 4.5 million into the project. Today, God has multiplied this effort of his and gave him 80% completion of this gigantic project. God also favoured him with Dyna truck for the project. This was placed at a cost of 3.5 million naira but was given to him at 1.5 million naira as a favour.

Today, he’s into Food Production and the investment is doing amazingly well.

Second testimony goes thus:
 God gave him a promotion in Ebonyi State as the Acting Surveyor General of Ebonyi State. He’s also resume work in his new office awaiting Governor’s confirmation. He said there were many obstacles but this God saw him through it all. The State Pastor was there last Sunday to dedicate the new office for him.

To God who did all these things, may his name be praised in Jesus name.

Photo Credit: Chosen Online Revivalist Media Crew, Ebonyi State.

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