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TEXT: Exodus 3:6-8; Genesis 1:26-30; Matthew 6:33.

Our God is the God that has fabulous kingdom and fabulous blessings
Malachi 1:4. Our God is the great king
with fabulous kingdom and fabulous blessings. Jeremiah 32:18 &19;
Our God is the mighty God with fabulous blessings. Our God is the owner of heaven and earth. Psalm 121:2
Due to God’s fabulous nature, he made man to be blessed with fabulous blessings.
Man was originally created to be like God. Man was neither struggling nor suffering.
When God put man in the garden of eden, Satan tempted man. Genesis 3: 1-10.
When man and woman ate the fruit in disobedience, they died spiritually and could not behold the presence of God.
The things that Adam and Eve were originally made to enjoy were taken away from them as a result of sin. Genesis 3:23

However, God came looking for man, to bring man back into God’s original plan of fabulous blessings. Exodus 3: 6-8
God Almighty came to bring the Israelites out of bondage, suffering and slavery, and take them into the miniature kingdom of fabulous blessings.
It is very clear that it is never the will of God that we should remain in poverty and sorrow. If you are not yet in the fabulous kingdom, God Almighty will take you there.
I am assuring you today, that God Almighty who brought us here today, will give us fabulous blessings. Deuteronomy 11: 11-12.
God Almighty cares for the inhabitants of the land from the beginning to the end of the year. As many that are into sin, sorrow and suffering, God is set to bring them back.

For better understanding of the message, we shall consider the following subheadings;

A. God’s Fabulous Kingdom, Our Foremost Need And The Reasons

As a result of the sin of Adam, mankind was separated from the presence and blessings of God. Romans 3:23
Sin has separated us from this fabulous kingdom and fabulous blessings.
When we are not in good relationship with God, we are equally far from his fabulous blessings.
All the fabulous blessings are possible only through God. Matthew 6:33.
If you are looking for these blessings, you should come back to God through Jesus Christ and all the fabulous blessings shall be your portion, in Jesus name.
God has prepared a miniature kingdom here on earth. Luke 15:31
As long as you are with the Father and you do what pleases God, whatever you are looking for, God Almighty will give them to you. 1 Corinthians 3:21
As long as you belong to Christ and Christ belongs to God, all the blessings you are looking for, Christ will give them to you.

When Adam and Eve had not sinned everything that was in the Garden of Eden belonged to them.
No matter what a person may possess outside the kingdom, away from God, it is considered as counterfeit blessings, polluted blessings. John 15:5
Whatever you have without Christ is nothing. John 10:10b; Matthew 4:8; Mark 8:35
Many persons have compromised, belonging to one thing or the other. That is counterfeit blessings and obtained in exchange for their soul.
If you have compromised and gathered this or that, the question is, “what can you give in exchange of your soul?”
Whosoever that is outside Christ and thinks they are making it, such persons will fall into the category of thieves and Robbers. Maybe you are like that, the Bible calls you a thief, because you climbed through the back door and not through Jesus Christ. John 10:1; John 14:6
If you are to get salvation, deliverance and blessings, it is through Jesus Christ.
We have the right of fabulous blessings. John 15:5; John 10:10b
If you will enter through the right way today, I am assuring you that all the blessings of the kingdom shall be yours and all you have shall never be a condemnation to you. Matthew 25:6
The greatest above all your needs is to reconcile with God through Jesus Christ.
John 3:3
If you are not Born-again you cannot see. If you cannot see, how then can you enter? It is only though Jesus Christ you will enter into the miniature kingdom.
Matthew 11:27
If you will come to Jesus, he will give you eternal life. Philipians 4: 13 &19
If you are in Christ, you do not struggle. Infact, you live by miracle.

You see you today, as I speak here today concerning you, fabulous blessings shall be your portion.
You see you today, as I speak from this altar, everything that is wrong with your altar shall be destroyed.
Today will mark the beginning of a new era in your life.
The God whom I serve will supply all your needs.

B. Fabulous Blessings, The Inheritance Of God’s Children And Our Response.

God gave fabulous blessings to Adam and Eve when they were living right.
Genesis 12:1&2.
All that are in the fabulous kingdom, they are not struggling for blessings.
God made our father of faith a blessing. That same God will make you a blessing.
2 Corinthians 6:9&10
For Paul the Apostle, he is a blessing and as I am here today, I am a blessing to the entire world.
As many of you that are in the fabulous kingdom, God will make you a blessing.
Genesis 24:1

I want to let you know, in the days of Christ Ministry here on earth, as many that come across him are healed, the dead are brought back to life.
God has made us a blessing and you, you cannot leave here ordinary.
What is it you are looking for? Come into God’s fabulous kingdom.
Exodus 3:6-8; Deuteronomy 28:1-7
The Lord shall scatter your enemies.
Whatsoever you lay your hands to do, the Lord shall prosper it.
This is our portion. If you are a Child of God, a Child of the great king, know it that all fabulous blessings belong to God.
1 Corinthians 3:21
You see you, the promise of God covers you. You are not an Unbeliever.
God has chosen you and me to bear fruits and whatever we ask of him, he shall give it to us.
In God’s fabulous kingdom, you are protected.
Isaiah 54:15-17; Psalm 115:14-16.
The Lord has given the earth to us and we shall exploit it because it belongs to the Father.
Luke 14:17
Come to Jesus Christ now, so that you will receive original blessings.
Those who are not born-again, run the risk of losing everything and will end up in hell fire.
Believers, you are to take charge. Take what belongs to you.
Psalm 2:1
You see you today, as long as you are born again, you are in the miniature kingdom. Your Father is laughing at those that are mocking you. They are taking risk.
Revelations 21:8
If your riches have deceived you and you do not know the Lord, you are taking risk. Repent now before it is too late.
Exodus 23 : 25
As you serve the Lord, the Lord will service you. The Lord will defeat your defeat. The Lord will defeat your enemies.
Our response to this message will be to come into the kingdom. Dwell on those things you have received today and serve the Lord.
A sinner is not a Christian and a Christian is not a sinner.
1 John 3:8&9; 1 John 5:17a
All those people that go to native doctor to make charms; all these people that are into local or international cult, campus cult, gather all their properties, all the coffins, charms given to you and burn them.
Are you into breaking of people’s homes, burglary, armed robbery of any kind; whether you are a thief stealing from Government, private or public companies, you must repent and ask the Lord for mercy.
I do not know the evil you are into, as we round up this message now, make sure you repent and promise God not to return to that evil. Ask God for mercy.
All those into abortion, that is wickedness. All those into prostitution or those patronizing them, you must repent now. If you are not paying those working for you, that is sin.
Do not say you are bringing tithe. I do not need your money.
All those that put extra eyes, extra nose, that bleach their skin, that is sin.
Jeremiah 4:30; Matthew 19:4-6; Deuteronomy 22:5; Revelations 21:8;
The standard of God remaineth sure. I do not know the evil you are into.
Amend your ways and ask the Lord for mercy.
John 1:12; 2 Corinthians 5:17; Romans 10:13

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