Former Cultist Surrender To Jesus Christ.


Since the inception of this ministry, God has visited many people in different ways and have them saved. The testimony below is one among many that God have transformed their lives.

Bro Nnadi Bright Chinedu is appreciating God for granting him genuine salvation and for delivering him from occult Kingdom.

He said that prior joining Chosen, he has been into all sorts of evil. He was into armed robbery for years and a cultists for more than 8 years. He was a member of “Supreme Vikings Confraternity.” His mother at some point wished he’s dead instead of bringing shame to the family. Everyone around his neighbourhood knew him as a ‘bad egg’. The family had to relocate to another community because of what his wayward lifestyle brought to the family.
The mum became hypersensitive too and His family mkunckes(uncle, cousins and nephews) deserted him because of his evil lifestyle. He dropped out of school as a chronic drug addict.

His encounter with the Chosen was on Wednesday before the Sorrow to Joy 2020 int’l Crusade (05/02/20). He was planning for a robbery operation with his gangs. They had no specific location in mind for their armed robbery attack (they had no ‘COMPASS’ in mind – their evil slang). They decided to stay on the street there because there was no peace and joy with them. They lived in a very big forest, around Waterside in Port Harcourt where they do smoke and plan for any operation. They came out on that Wednesday armed to the teeth – ready for operation. He heard a voice preaching from a distance, he could not specify the church the message was coming from. He stayed and listened to the message, a bit at Junction. The word from the Preacher so much troubled him, he lost interest in going for the operation, he went back to his gang and dropped the riffle and told them he’s coming. He traced the direction of the voice. He went to the Winner’s Church around there but the gate was locked. The voice suddenly ceased. He stood in front of the Winner’s Church asking himself if they have closed – just few minutes he heard the voice. After few minutes, the voice started again, it then dawned on him that it wasn’t from Winner’s Church, he proceeded further in search of the voice and later traced it to a Chosen Church, he pushed the gate and walked in.

He saw a brother in front of the Chosen Church and spoke to him harshly as a result of the weed he smoked before coming out. He extended his hands to exchange pleasantries but the brother declined. The Chosen brother asked for his mission, he told him he wants to see the Pastor but was made to know that he can only see the Pastor one on one, on a Wednesday. He’s not satisfied with the brother’s response, he so much desired for a meeting with the Pastor. Seeing that the brother and other members that came out weren’t ready for him, he left them and pressed further in search of the Pastor. As he walked in, he sat down, the Pastor was still preaching and praying. The brothers outside were looking at him. He’s comfortable the way they were looking at him, He went back to the previous brother he meet to express himself, that they may think he came for an evil mission and call police for him. He pleaded with him, that he’s sorry the way he responded to him at first, that he wants to meet with the Pastor. The Chosen brother told him to explain what is troubling his heart, that he could help him out and He said no. His mind was to confess to the Pastor and return to his vomits.
He told the chosen brother that what brought him there is confidential and he needed to talk to the Pastor alone. He was told to wait behind. The Pastor was called and he made his mission known to him. The Pastor led him to Christ. He was asked if he’d any charm on him and he said, yes! He said he’s gone to fortune tellers in Delta and Ogoni, that he’d marks all over him and the rings and bangles he’s given for his evil activity/protection was with him. He initially didn’t want to bring out the evil materials but while the Pastor was praying, the power of God was let losed, he found himself rolling on the ground, his body was hot, the ring fell off and the hidden bangle on his hand (only him can see) fell off too.

After God dispossessed him of his evil powers, he felt empty and thought he might be killed because of the evil he’s committed in the past. Immediately he was given an apron to wear, he regained his lost vigour. He’s later reunited with the family through the help of the Chosen Church.

Today, our brother has surrendered totally to the God of Chosen. He is very happy with this new experience.

Praise the Lord!

Kindly click on the link below to watch the live testimony:

Photo Credit: Chosen Online Revivalist Media Crew, Int’l Headquarters, Lagos, Nigeria.



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