Former Chief Imam Give His Life To Jesus Christ


Only a loving master gives his servant a great task and then assist him in achieving that task. That is what our Lord Jesus Christ has demonstrated to the calling of our General Pastor.

Bro Hassan Yakubu’s testimony is reminiscent of that of the biblical Saul, before he became Paul. He was a card-carrying member of the other religion and was a representation of what a die-hard Islamist entails.

If it’s super difficult to convince an ordinary member of the other sect that Jesus is the only way to heaven, then, its almost futile convincing a serving and high ranking Imam who has gone neck deep in the Islamic faith, of the same.

 Born into the family of Mr Yakubu Musa from Kogi state, in year 1968, and just when he was 10 and in primary three, his parents decided English school wasn’t the best for him, so they took him to their sect’s school where he’d continue, and become an Imam.

Graduated from Ahmadu Bello Islamic school in 1992, and was posted to Akpata central mosque, Ibadan, as a Chief Imam.

He spent 3years in Akpata, Ibadan, before moving to Okella in Osun state ,and from Okella to Ibilo, Edo state, and finally to Kaduna. It was right there in Kaduna that he had an encounter with God of chosen.

In the dead of the night, on 18th November, 2019, a man(who from all indications is Jesus Christ) appeared in form of a light and shouted his name, “Hassan! Hassan! Hassan! go out and join my people.”

The stunned Hassan, who was also into charm making, dipped his hands in his charm bucket and threw the water at the light which ricocheted, but the voice continued, “Hassan, go out and join my people,” before it then disappeared.

On the third day, there was a reoccurrence of same event and the voice continued,“ Hassan go out and join my people, and whatsoever you ask by my name Jesus Christ, I’ll do it. “

While the voice was still speaking, it dawned on Hassan that the person in the light was Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God.

Muslims call Jesus prophet Issa , and they believe he was just another of the many prophets God used in time of old; and they don’t believe he is God. This is the reason Hassen’s rebuttal was understandable.

He told the man in the light, that he’d rather die than join his people and be a Christian.

At the break of dawn, Hassan nailed a tiller(charm) in the four corners of his room,to stop the light from appearing, but moments later, the nails fell down and the light appeared again and urged Hassan to go join his people.

Hassan again refused, and then decided to go report the matter to the general Imam in Kaduna who then gave him a tiller to place under his pillow and use it when the light comes. The light appeared, and when Hassan tried to reach for the tiller, the tiller disappeared! When the light was gone, he then saw the tiller on top of his pillow, which he previously searched for and couldn’t find.

He was then advised to call his father who told him to come over to Kogi state. He was transfered to Kogi and a mosque was handed over to him as a Chief Imam. His father told him to sleep over at his place, so he can see the evil spirit who is disturbing his son.

The light appeared again and told Hassan the time has come, and if he refuses to join his people, he’ll go blind and still do the job he wants him to do. This statement scared Hassan to his bones . In his words, going blind and remain a muslim is not the problem, but being blind and still converting to Christian is the scariest part.

His mum and Dad became worried, that this will be a big disgrace and a shame, for an Imam who has served for 26years to convert to Christianity. It will be one pill too hard to swallow!

He was then taken to his uncle’s place who’s very good at making charms, with hopes he could bring an end to this situation.

By midnight, at his uncle’s place, the light appeared again and this time the uncle saw the light but did not hear the voice. It was that same midnight that Hassan slept and saw chosen brethren on apron dancing and singing praises to God.

Hassan woke up and made enquiries about the Chosen church and his uncle’s neighbor who was a former Chosen member told him about the Chosen church, and then tried to deceive Hassan that chosen is a bad church, that she was once a member but left to become a Catholic.

She took Hassan to his Reverend Father and Hassan told them he’s stronger than the Catholic people, and that he works and make charm for many of them and going to become a Catholic is a step backwards.

Another woman then helped Hassan, and directed her to a Chosen sister who then brought him to the Chosen church. He shared his testimony with the Pastor who welcomed him and gave him a Chosen apron.

The news got to Hassan’s mum that he’s now a Chosen and she was vexed. She called Hassan home immediately and took him to another strong herbalist in Ekpoma, Edo state. On getting there, the man made incantations and sprinkled his water(tiller) on Hassan. What thrilled Hassan was that the sprinkled water, stained his shirt, stained his underwear(singlet) and didn’t wet or stain the apron.

Hassan was marveled! How such thing would happen was an enigma.

Few days later, news came from his sister that, that very herbalist that sprinkled water on him had died .

While he was preparing to attend the 2020 mgbidi crusade, another news came to him again that his mother fell sick, that the news of the death of the herbalist broke down his mother and left her unconscious. Hassan forgot about attending the crusade and rushed home to see his mum; who then died few moments after he got there .

God of Chosen was on a mission to clear the crooked paths of Hassan and take out every hindrances that would stop Hassan from serving him, and he didn’t stop there till he took out Hassan’s father.

In a night vision, Hassan saw an old man appear to him and told him, someone needs to die, for his glory to shine.

Just as the old man said it, that was how Hassan lost his dad who was an occult man. He went to agbor for the burial of a brotherhood member and later met with his death, for the confirmation of the night vision Hassan had .

To the glory of God, the chosen church in Kogi state has taken care of Hassan’s welfare and also all the money allocated to him by his family for the burial of his dad was paid by the church.

If this testimony doesn’t convince you that God has raised this church to become his peculiar treasure, then I don’t know what else will.

Only God can do this.

You can watch the live testimony via this link;

Photo Credit: Chosen Online Revivalist Media Crew, Int’l Headquarters, Lagos, Nigeria.

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