His Royal Highness Encounters Christ And Declared Himself A Chosen


Many chosen members today were previously members of other denominations, but all can testify that what is happening in the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement is a far-cry from what they experienced in
their former places of worship. This is because the Lord has chosen this hill to dwell, according to psalm 68:16.(this is the hill which God desireth to dwell in; yea, the LORD will dwell in it for ever)

So many of us used to believe heaven is far from us and God is slow to answer, but when we came to Chosen, God demonstrated to us that heaven is closer than we know.

The testimony of his Royal Highness, Eze Dr. M.O Romans is a corroboration to this fact.

He got home one day only to find out his housemaid gone AWOL. They searched for her everywhere and none could find her. After his rumination, he deduced that the last person who visited his house was the culprit, and the person happens to be a Chosen member.

While his Highness was pondering of calling the police on him, the brother quickly rushed to the church and reported the matter to Ahoada resident Pastor, and the Pastor instructed that the missing girl’s picture be brought to the church.

They brought the picture to the Pastor who then gathered brethren, so they can call upon this God of Chosen who giveth songs in the night. After calling upon this God, this missing maid who hasn’t picked her call for 3 months or be seen anywhere, walked into the church by herself and left everyone dead-in-their -tracks.

God of chosen is a prayer answering God.

This very testimony birthed a relationship cum friendship between the Chosen Pastor and His Highness. He was then invited to Mgbidi 2020 Int’l Crusade where God healed him of frequent urinating.

The person with him on the podium is High Chief Frederick Owame, the Chief of Staff and Special Assistant to His Royal Majesty Eze Engr. Peter, Cheta, Iwua, Mmaduenyi, the ezigbo Ahoada, River state.

They have jointly and collectively concluded that from henceforth, they are now Chosen members.

Only God can do this.

You can watch the live testimony of His Royal Highness on this link:

Photo Credit: Chosen Online Revivalist Media Crew, Int’l Headquarters, Lagos.

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