12 years yoke on wheelchair shattered.


When Mr Maitellinus Edora left his house to church this morning on his wheelchair, he’d never in his wildest dream believed he’ll return back home fit as a fiddle.

In 2008, he met with a ghastly accident that deprived him of the ability to use his legs normally. He was admitted at the University of Ghana Teaching Hospital where the medics gave him the sad news that he shan’t be able to use his legs no more.

This terrible news left him forlorn, but medical reports of impossible cases tantalises God of Chosen. Without such cases and reports, He won’t make himself known and his name won’t be far traveled.

As our General Pastor was praying during the instant Miracle Session at the grand finale of, “FROM SORROW TO JOY 2020 INT’L CRUSADE” holding at the corporate headquarters of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries, Ijesha, Lagos, Nigeria, the Almighty God whom our General Pastor serves, worked on the legs of Mr Maitellinus Edora in far away Ghana and he began to walk.

Today, he that was being carried by a wheelchair, is now the one carrying the wheelchair.

Only God of Chosen can do this.

Photo Credit: Chosen Online Revivalist Media Crew, Ghana.

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