How God exchanged fibroid for a set of twins & cancelled cesarean section


Name: Sis Amarachi Godwin
Location: Jos, Headquarters

I thank God for making I & my family a chosen. I appreciate this God for his goodness towards my family. My purpose of standing here is to thank God for a successful delivery. Infact I appreciate this only Good God, the God of the Chosen.

Towards the time of my Pregnancy I went to see the doctor, So he told me to come immediately it’s Nine (9) months that I’m going to deliver through operation, I canceled it immediately & declared whom I am (A Chosen) . I later took the matter to my State pastor & he prayed and canceled the report of doctors concerning my delivery.

Before then, the doctors said I was having fibroid that I wasn’t carrying a child in my womb. I went to see my State Pastor & he told me “My daughter I turn that fibroid into a fine boy in Jesus name” I went back to the hospital and they conducted another scan and discovered the fibroid was not there again brethren. Today, you can see my wonderful children.

Brethren, I appreciate this God because he’s a miracle worker. During the cause of my labor, I called my State Pastor & he prayed for me saying “My daughter go to the favour room and deliver like the Hebrew women”. In the cause of the delivery, when the first child came out, the second one no way. Brethren, I was very exhausted I requested they call my husband because I was thinking of going for Cesarean Section. When they tried they were not able to reach my husband, they got my sister on phone. Luckily for me, when she came she shouted “What are you doing, do you want to enter the Cesarean Section?” I said no my Father is alive, my sister began to pray, the doctors & nurses were there they said this woman we are taking you to the theater. I shouted “God of Chosen where are you?”

After the doctors finished giving their conclusion and were about leaving the labour room, immediately my baby came out as earlier decreed by my state Pastor. I really thank God for honoring the words of his messenger.

Chosen praise the Lord!

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