10 years barrenness exchanged for a bouncing baby girl


When you enter any chosen worship center worldwide, you’d see where it’s boldly written that “GOD OF CHOSEN ANSWERS PRAYERS.”

It’s not there for decoration, but for an assurance that of a truth, our God is not dull of hearing.

Bro Daniel and wife got married in the year 2009, and since then, hearing the cry of a child looked like something that wasn’t going to happen in their home. His wife got pregnant a few times but their joy was short-lived, as incessant miscarriages left them despondent.

For a man who has been a committed worker with the Lord’s Chosen video department for many years, it was beginning to be a thing of shame to him and his family that he records and publish thousands of testimonies of others, but his family was in dire need of one.

His dry-spell continued for a long time until he got to meet our General Pastor by serendipity, who told him to stop going to hospitals for solutions, that God of Chosen is on top of his case, and urged him to quit worrying.

After the prayers, Bro Daniel was comforted and stopped worrying over the situation that greatly troubled him. In the year 2019, this great God of chosen who has never allowed the word of our pastor to fall on the ground, did it again as 10years barrenness was given the boot by this good God.

Bro Daniel and wife are now parents to a bouncing baby girl, to the glory of God. The members of the Lord’s Chosen video department joined him on the podium to rejoice with his family.

He is also thanking God for blessing him with 2 plots of land.


Watch the full details of the testimony via Chosen Testimonies Channel:

Are you barren, be our guest on Saturday 8th & Sunday 10th February, 2020 @ Chosen Revival Ground, Ijesha, Lagos, Nigeria. The same God who crushed 10years barrenness will visit you. You will carry babies of your choice, in Jesus name.

Time: 8:00Am Daily

Ministering: Pastor Lazarus Muoka

Photo Credit: Chosen Online Media Crew, Lagos Nigeria

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