Mother and daughter healed of HIV positive after obeying Pastor’s instruction. 


Sister Joy Chosen mounted the podium with joy in her heart to reverence and return all the glory to Almi

ghty God for rolling away reproach and shame in her life.

Her Testimony :
My name is sister Joy Chosen, I want to thank God for His mercies upon my life. I gave my life to Christ in 2010 but in 2014 I backslided, I lived a wreckless life and alongside I contacted HIV.

sometime in November 2019, my neighbors got to know about the ailment and began to avoid me and my baby, they secluded us,(the same man whom the devil used to wreck my life by infecting me with HIV, he posted it on Facebook) He ran away dumping us (I and my baby) sick, and rashes was all over my body. Neighbors would not let me touch anything that belongs to them.

Out of shame I came back to Imo State. One day the spirit of God ministered to me saying that if I return back to The Lord’s Chosen, confess my sins and make restitution, that my problems will be over. I came back to The Lords Chosen and made restitutions to God and brethren.

On the 25th of December 2019  I worshipped at the Headquarters for the 2day December Retreat captioned “ONLY GOD CAN DO THIS”
After the service our state pastor asked us to go for publicity to invite all for Mgbidi Crusade. He prayed and passed a decree that as we go out for the publicity, whatever may be the request or needs we have that God will intervene. I obeyed and joined in the publicity.

After the publicity, I started having a feeling that God has done something in my life. I was receiving a ministration that I should go back to the hospital for test.

on the 27th I came to the altar, sowed a seed and prayed to God to show mercy. When I went for test, Brethren lo and behold am here to testify that the Almighty, the Balm of Gilead has rolled away the affliction from me and my daughter, two results from different hospitals that proves us negative of HIV and Aids.

To God be all the Glory. I never knew He would honour me this way…
Praise the Lord!!

Photo Credit: Chosen Online Media Crew, TheLords Chosen Imo State

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