God of Chosen picked me out from accident as I declared who I am.


When you tell people that The Lord’s Chosen is the finger of God, they would think it’s just for saying sake, we’ve had many testimonies that attested to this just like the one below.
Before going to the testimony proper, there’s a divine instructions given to our Beloved Daddy in the Lord, that we
should always declare, “I am a Chosen three times” in the face of any danger, that if the danger persists, we should further declare, “where is the God of my Pastor’s Power?”, that we’ll see something more than man. He also said that, “Power of God in Chosen is walking with hands and feet”
Bro Innocent Mudi Obagudu mounted the testimony podium and before three to five minutes, the church went agog on how he was delivered from a terrible accident.
Hear His Testimony:
On the 8th of January 2020, I went to work as usual, in the evening of that same day, I was returning at about 4:00pm, approaching this popular bridge in Lokoja called ‘Meme Bridge’, I tried applying my brake, it didn’t respond, my car left its lane to another lane, I had no other option than to declare myself a Chosen according to the instructions above. I shouted where is the God of my Pastor power? A giant appeared physically and carried me out with one hand and with his other hand carried my car. When I regained conciousness, I saw my car upside down at the back of a barber’s shop and when people ran to save the occupants of the vehicle, they didn’t even know that standing with them is the owner of the vehicle involved in the accident and when I told them that I am the one who God saved from the accident, they didn’t believe and I pointed to a sticker on my vehicle which reads ONLY GOD CAN DO THIS.

They joined me to chorus that it is only God that can do this. My car tank was filled to the brim but the car did not catch fire in the process. As a medical personnel, I was advised to go to the hospital for check up, which I did to fulfill all righteousness. After several scan was carried out, no issue was found on the result. I knew that God was behind my safety.

My second testimony goes thus; last Sunday 12th January, 2020 at about 4:00Am, some armed men entered my compound, instead of robbing me first being the occupant of the ground floor, they helped me and closed my window that was opened, went upstairs and took all appliances that was inside my neighbour’s sitting room including a very big flat screen television and went away.  In the morning, my landlord was asking surprisingly as to how they left the ground floor and went upstairs to rob and I answered, “Because I am a Chosen that I am protected.” My house is one of the House Care Fellowship centers. He was speechless on hearing me.
Chosen praise the Lord!


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