Freed from kidnapper’s den and rapist


God of chosen has proved to us times without numbers that there’s no limit to what he can do. He has redefined miracles and testimonies he’s done in this ministry and has taken it to a whole new level.

He has, and is still proving to the world, that he has called our General Overseer by his name, and will continue to honour his covenant with him as long as the earth remains.

This covenant is one Sister Agnes Samuel has greatly benefited from! On 29th of December, she was on her way to Benin City when some Fulani herdsmen hijacked their vehicle along Auchi- Benin Expressway.

While they were declaring who they are(I AM A CHOSEN X3), what they heard next was the sound of a gunfire. A bullet directed to our sister’s direction was spiralled miraculously to another passenger, who immediately lost his life.

 After ordering them to come down from the vehicle, they were taken to a thick forest.

Getting to the forest, they asked for her occupation; meanwhile the sister she was traveling with was left at the road side and she managed to escape.

They unlocked her phone and discovered that her wallpaper was having Daddy G. O’S picture on it.

So they asked if that was her father and she said yes. They decided she’d pay 20million while others pay 10million, because she has a rich dad who’s well able of paying the ransom.

That night, the nine Fulani men took tramadol and raped the other 3 ladies mercilessly. On getting to her turn, she began to shout and started declaring I AM A CHOSEN, THE GOD OF MY PASTOR WHERE ARE YOU? That was how the gang leader ordered them to stay clear, that she’s a pastor’s child.

At dawn, she was asked to call the number of her parents for the ransom, But instead of her parents, she  called our pastor.

Throwing in the towel is the exact opposite of what this ministry was established for; and being ignorant of this fact, the herdsmen demanded money from our pastor before they could release our sister. Instead of the money, they got prayers and threats of God’s wrath.

Finally, on 31st night at about 11:30pm, they woke them up and told them it was time to leave. Money was given to them for transportation and they showed them the route that led to the main road.

That was how God saved our sister from being raped or killed .


You can watch the video on this link below.

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