Holiness is the secret of The Lord’s Chosen, Pst Muoka speaks at Chosen 17th Anniversary.




Words are not enough to express the shouts of Joy that rent the air at the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement on the Occasion of the 17th Anniversary of the Church. Today Chosen is 17years old and has given birth to many successes.

In this Special interview with the General Overseer (G.O.) -Pastor Lazarus Muoka, expressed his gratitude to God and highlighted his thoughts on the journey that started 17years ago. In one of his comments, he said;

“17years is no easy feat; but in the eyes of God, it is easy!”

Online Revivalist Media Crew: The Lord’s Chosen is 17years old; very young but the achievements are older than the years. What is the secret, Sir?

Response: The secret of the success is God. Whatever we have achieved is God. It is not our making because the Bible said, that it is the Lord that worketh in us both to will and do of His good pleasure and of our own selves we can do nothing. The Bible says that by the grace of God, I am what I am. It is God’s grace that has enabled us to be where we are today.

Online Revivalist Media Crew: The Church started very well, but at what point did you started seeing it as a mega Church?

Response: From birth, because God convinced me that I’m pregnant with 10billion souls and as a result of having the pregnancy and conceiving of 10billion souls from day one. I saw it from the beginning that it was a mega Church.

Online Revivalist Media Crew: We’re looking at 17years. Being around for that long, what challenges have you been facing and how have you been able to surmount them?

Response: There are numerous challenges. At the very beginning, you know when a child is born, you need to do the child’s dedication and give that child a sense of direction. That was one of the biggest challenges, having to set up a standard and ensuring that everybody works and builds on that standard; but God did it for us. There are challenges that we also had. There were some times that devil was stirring up people to contest the grace of God out of envy. There are people that could not stand losing their members to Chosen because they failed to feed them with the truth and give them what it takes to be a Christian and to believe that there is God. When they failed to give them these things and the ministry was born, there was a kind of erosion and people were coming from the orthodox, charismatic and Pentecostal Churches into the Church (the Lord’s Chosen Church). People were coming here because they heard the truth here; they became genuinely born again and had the manifestation of God’s glory and the power of God. While these things were going on, it was a very big challenge to many people. Many people conspired together to speak against us, to bring dreams and revelations. But at the end of it, many of them are coming now for restitution and to say that they are sorry. Many are afflicted because they tried to fight against the Holy Ghost. In all that, God saw us through. He has been our source of victory in all challenges.

Online Revivalist Media Crew: Pastor, the Church is spreading abroad rapidly and we know that there is resistance against the gospel abroad. So, how are you managing that resistance?

Response: The Lord Jesus Christ our savior said, He will build the Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. So whether in America, China and the Middle East , God is the owner of the whole earth and the fullness thereof. As long as He is the one that owns all the earth, He will establish the Church anywhere in the whole world. Sometime ago, the scientists said that they went to the moon and found something, picked it and saw that it was a Bible quotation John 3: 16 “For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him shall have everlasting life’’
This signifies that Christianity is the only true religion and the point is that God can build the Church even in the moon. He can as well build the Church in the Middle East, in Asia and all over the whole world. By the mercy of God, the Lord’s Chosen has entered all those places.

Online Revivalist Media Crew: Sir, for some of us who have been following you since you started about 17years ago, we know that the Church keeps growing every day. For someone like you, when you retire to your bed, how do you get to feel that God is still using you for such a very big congregation and how do you tackle some of the challenges like negative stories about the Church especially when you retire to your bed?

Response: Thank you very much. The point is that by the special grace of God, when you have the truth, it is very easy for you to diffuse the things that are contrary to the truth. It will not bother you because you know who you are and what you have. If you have the truth and someone comes around to say to you that what you’re saying isn’t the truth, you know that it is only a question of time and that person will be exposed and that error will expire. It cannot last long because it is not the truth. It is only the truth that abides forever.
So, the point is that by the grace of God, whenever we retire to bed, we resort to Him and He takes care of everything going on. God said when the enemy shall come against you like a flood, the spirit of God shall lift up a standard against them (Psalm 59:19b). And if God be for you, who can be against you? He said “I will contend with those that contend with you (Isaiah 49:25b). He said they that strive with you shall perish (Isaiah 41:11). We rely upon Him for victory.

Online Revivalist Media Crew: Sir, how are you giving back to society in terms of charity?

Response: The ministry is all about charity. By the grace of God, we are ahead in terms of meeting the challenges of the Church. Everything about Church is charity, we will continue to help the masses in any ways we can, as long as we have the ability to help people to be free from their problems including members and non-members as long as we have the resources.

Online Revivalist Media Crew: Pastor, if you were to start the Church afresh today, what will you like to do differently?

Response: Well, I don’t think there is something I have to do differently because I believe I’m doing the right thing. What I’m doing today is still the standard because Matthew 6:33 says “ Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you”. So the point is, as you go on to do the will of God, every other thing, God will take care of it. So, I will still go back to that standard of doing the will of God and prospering.

Online Revivalist Media Crew: Sir, every year there is a Program, you have called the end of the year Program. How is it different from Christmas?

Response: Thank you very much. Firstly, our Programs are aimed at saving souls. Our program is not for fanfare. It is not a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ rather it is about preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. So, Christmas is the doctrine of people that do not read the Bible because I’m yet to see it in my Bible. So, what we do is to take advantage of the holidays to preach the gospel. And by the grace of God, the program is titled “Only God Can Do This”. It is a Special Program for people to come and appreciate God for what he has done from beginning of the year to the end, and at the same time, we minister to every outstanding need which they have failed to realize. Through that Program, it will be taken care of. That is why it is titled so. What one could not get from January to December, on that Program, God will do it.

Online Revivalist Media Crew: Pastor, in the recent times, many people have come here for restitution because of things they have said against the Church. There are so many out there that are yet to come; what is the fate of those that have come and those that are yet to?

Response: Thank you very much. All those that came here for restitution, by the grace of God have done the will of God and they have done the right thing. Now, because they have done the right thing, God has forgiven them and will save them because they have done what is right. Thank God you observed that many people who have come for restitution are people that have spoken against us and rose up against us in 2013. But at the end, God is exposing them starting from the people who said they had dreams and revelations. Many of them realized that the woman who gave the revelation is a fake. She came from Sierra Leone and said she died, was raised from the dead and saw a lot of things. According to people , when she came to Nigeria, she mentioned a lot of Churches in her testimony. She mentioned about seven (7) Churches but she never mentioned Chosen initially. They were surprised that she later came up to mention Chosen. Some of the people who interviewed her said that they warned people to beware of her as she was not yet free from marine spirit.

Now, some Churches saw Chosen as a threat and then bought the message, they disregarded other Churches she mentioned but began to pick on Chosen Church and began to spread the message far and wide.
The point is that it was done out of wickedness and God has exposed it, but then those who came and made restitution has been forgiven by God. Those who have not done that have not done the right thing because a Christian must do restitution whenever he/she does something wrong against somebody. He/she must go back and apologize for the wrong done . Those who have not done so should do the right thing because it is not about us, but it’s between them and God. It is not about what we can do to them because we love all the Churches, we’re praying for all Churches and we have no ill feeling about them. Whatever is happening to them now or what will happen at the end of this life is left for God. If they refuse to do what is right, they will suffer the effect. So, they should come and do the restitution.

Online Revivalist Media Crew: The Church is kick-starting the year with a Special Program. What should we be expecting?

Response: We have a Program titled “What God has determined shall be Done” and it is an International Program hosting the whole world. This Program addresses the need of people from beginning of the year till the end because indeed what God has determined for the year must surely come to pass. We will converge at Mgbidi from the 3rd to 6th of January, 2020. We’re going to minister to the need of the people, every opposition or barrier that want to stand in the way of the people shall be taken care of by the power of prayers.
This coming year 2020 shall be the greatest above other Programs because God of Chosen is a progressive worker. He is going to do wonders which no man can do. I invite all of you and the whole people to come; the walls and barriers shall be broken by prayers.

Online Revivalist Media Crew: Now you have mentioned 2020, how is the year 2020 going to be like economically for Nigeria?

Response: By the Special Grace of God, we the Church do not depend on the economy of the nation. So I cannot speak for Nigeria, but I’m going to speak from God. The Bible made us to understand that our supply comes from Heaven and because of that, we are not looking at the economy of Nigeria; we are looking up to Heaven. God will supply our needs.

Online Revivalist Media Crew: Any prophecy for Nigeria?

Response: Oh, our prophecy is that the will of God should be done.

Online Revivalist Media Crew: Daddy, looking at the new year, a lot of people believe that payment of the first fruit is a scam.

Response: Well, the point is some people do not read the Bible; it is what God says that matters. The word of God is the final authority and if it talks about first fruits, we stand by it. The Bible says that there are many devices of the heart of man, but the counsel of God shall stand. So, those who pay the first fruit also reap it because it is the will of God. Also, those who are not paying it are cheating themselves.

Online Revivalist Media Crew: Sir, any fear for the younger generation of this Country?

Response: The Bible says ‘fear not’. As a matter of fact, the Bible mentioned it over 300 times. It says ‘fear not’. Have faith in God. If He could divide the red sea, bring manna from heaven and water from the rock, there is nothing to fear. God is able to do all things.

As you read and do what God demand of us, you Shall prosper and have reasons to celebrate during this festive period.


Photo Credit: Chosen Online Revivalist Media Crew International Headquarters, Lagos Nigeria.CHOSEN @ 17

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