Harvest of miracles at the capper of 2019 National December Retreat


Today, at the capper of this Powerful Retreat, during the Instant Miracle Session, the power of the Holy Ghost swept through the arena of power and engaged the impotent folks present. There was outburst of miracles, many ridden with sorrows were set free – sicknesses of various degrees were totally crushed.

Below are evidences to prove that ONLY GOD CAN DO THIS;

1. 3 days Loss of Memory, Inability to walk and 3 nights sleeplessness (insomnia) crushed by the power of God.
2. 5 years inability  to walk healed.
3. 1 month swollen leg deflected.
4. 2 days inability  to walk healed.
5. 5 years walking with crutches healed.
6. 1 year stroke healed instantly.
7. 7 months paralyis healed.
8. 2 years eye problem disapeared.
9. 2 days dislocation instantly healed.
10. 2 years cancer of the  anus healed instantly.

11. 2 years paralysis technically knocked out.
12. 2 months paralysis instantly healed.
13. 3 days dislocation disapeared.
14. 6 months stroke healed.
15. 2 weeks inability to walk crushed.
16. Excess arthritis healed.
17. 3 days stroke healed.
18. 5 years partial stroke healed.
19. 2 weeks poisoned leg instantly healed.
20. 2 months swollen knee healed.
21. 8 months stroke gone.
22. 30 solid years born deaf and dumb healed immediately.

23. 10 days stroke healed.
24. 3 years stroke healed.
25. 12 years born deaf and dumb healed by the power of God.
26. 1 year and 6 months stroke healed.
27. 3 years waist pain disappeared.

You can watch mind blowing miracles on this link;

Photo Credit: Chosen Online Revivalist Media Crew International Headquarters, Lagos, Nigeria.

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