If you’ve been a beneficiary of the wonders of this great God, you’d understand that he is never out of earshot. When he created man he knew we were puny and fearful, hence he he said “ fear not, worm Jacob, I’ll help thee ” (Isaiah 41:14).

Sister Mary’s daughter has been trying to gain admission into the university of Lagos since 2017 and 2018 without success,and after several failed attempts trying to gain direct entry, they eventually and reluctantly settled for diploma, even though it’ll cost them almost half a million.

The quest for a seat as a registered student, in the Lagos state university started, and it was a battle! The first qualifying/entry exam her daughter wrote, gave them an inkling that the enemy had a hand in her daughter’s case. She wrote the first exam and submitted the wrong script, which was later rectified. Wrote the second, and ended up with two missing script, which caused her to have a below-par performance, post-exam. To God be the glory, the scripts were found and her daughter got a better result which became a glimmer of hope to her.

After the final exam was written, her daughter’s grades was below what was needed and sister Mary was super worried. She started having scary dreams and in one of them, a woman told her bluntly that her daughter will never get the much needed admission, of which our sister rebuffed. After that very dream, she had an hindsight that the battle was not one she can win, so she took her hands off the steering and allowed God take the wheels.

 On 19th of September precisely, during a Thursday counseling and deliverance service, sister Mary came to church with all confidence, that God will settle her case once and for call. Coincidentally, the topic of that Thursday’s service was “GOD WILL FINISH THE WORK” which made her understood she wouldn’t be needing a crystal-ball to tell her that indeed her case was settled. By October, the school released names of admitted students and her daughter’s name was not there,which was supposed to break her down,but our sister had a stubborn faith. She never threw in the towel, neither did she stopped believing.

Her faith indeed moved her mountain, as God, through his servant,our pastor, mentioned her case on a combined service and our sister thundered an amen, which settled the case. 

Less than 24hours after our pastor mentioned her case, she was at the market when her daughter rushed to her with glad tidings . The long awaited !revered!and desired admission, has been granted to her.

Only God can do this brethren;Only God.

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Photo Credit: Chosen Online Revivalist Media Crew, Lagos Nigeria

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