TEXT: Psalm 72:12, Psalm 23:1, Matthew 6:25-33, Philippians 4:19

Our God and father who is in Heaven, the father of all the needy, the husband of the widow, has Hope for all, no matter what you are passing through, He has hope for all. (John 10:10b) So today and tomorrow will mark the end of all satanic power in our lives



When God created the first man and woman, He gave them every thing in the garden of Eden, and He gave them dominion over all (Genesis 1:26-30). God created them in His own image and likeness, He put them in the garden of Eden, He made them to have Dominion over all. But when they sinned, they lost all, and man died spiritually. The devil took authority over man by reason of sin. Consequently, God drove them out of the garden to suffer (Genesis 3:1-9, 23-24, Romans 3:23).
Brethren, it is sin that made man who had all things in the beginning to become poor. (John 10:10a)
Satan came to kill, steal the glory, and attempted to replicate the relationship God had with man. A relationship with Satan is friendship with hellfire and suffering.
I want to let you know that the devil did this as retaliation against God, because God cast him and his angel to hell. Hence he attack man in order to push man into hell. Devil wants human beings to follow Him (Revelation 2:7-12 ,Revelation 21:8). All these people were cast to hell fire. Brethren, hell fire was not created for us but for the devil. Let us thank God that there’s hope for us. (Genesis 3:15). I want you to understand that our God has a special program for you. Our God is the hope of the hopeless and he will give us hope today. I don’t know what you are going through today, I am assuring you there’s hope for you. (Hosea 13:9, Joel 3:16, Revelation 4:11) God is our Hope (John 3:16).
Our hope is in God through Jesus Christ. Salvation will come to you through Jesus Christ. No matter what is your need, My God is equal to that task and he will do it (Isaiah 45:19). I don’t know what you’re looking for, honestly God will give you hope, no matter the impossibilities he will make it possible. If you decide to runaway from blessings I will command the blessings to overtake you.
Satan has taken away the first love, but God will restore it back. Salvation is free and its full. (John 10:10b). Fullness of life shall be your portion(Matthew 11: 27). Jesus did what please God and God was always with him and ready to give him all things because he please God (John 8: 29).


God made us to understand that he is the Hope for the Needy.
The promises of God cover them all, Philippians 4:9; 1 Corinthians 3:21.
Riches belongs to you, promotion belongs to you, favor belongs to you. so all these things come to us because we are children of God. Christ is the Hope for the needy. If Jesus did not die, no being will enter heaven. But thank God that Jesus Christ had paid the price for us all. Brethren, a man can tell you he will give you this or that, but he can’t give you salvation. Salvation is of the Lord, it is only through Jesus Christ. So take note of that. (Isaiah 41:10). You see you, today God will help you. (Isaiah 45: 22). One thing that is very certain SALVATION IS OF THE LORD. I don’t know what you are looking for. Remember, all things are from Jesus Christ. Don’t forget that it is God that takes care of the birds of the earth, how much more sinners. All you need to do is seek Him first. Life is not by struggle, everything about this life is by the grace of God. He is our hope, he is your hope, he is the hope of All.
So, no matter your need, God has provided everything through Jesus Christ (Psalm 100: 3). You see you, are you poor? Are you barren? Jesus Christ, the Hope for the Needy will do it for you.
All the crisis in your marriage , God will restore that marriage. The yoke of unemployment shall be broken today. You see you, the Lord will comfort you. You will go home with testimony.
God raised this church so that No body will ask people of God where is your God. This church is a church for all. This church is mountain on top of other mountains. This church is built on top of other mountain so that all nations shall flow to it. (Micah 4:1). As you are here today, your sorrow shall be cancelled, your tears shall be wiped away ( Isaiah 25:6-8). You see you i will hear your testimony. So get ready for this is that mountain . God is waiting for us to come to him in prayers and believe that he will answer (1Peter 5:7). Whatever you ask for today shall be given to you . Your expectation shall be granted, God will defeat your enemies. Your problem started one day and one day it must end. Today it must end, do you believe that God can meet all your needs?, Yes of course.
You see you, your matter is settled, God honor them that honor him, for you stepping into this place, your yoke shall be broken.
What it is that matters, is that you should seek him. He said seek Him first and all things shall be granted to you.
Let us pray.


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