How God Made Me A Millionaire With A Borrowed #17,000.


My name is Tony Chinweuba from Alagbado Autonomous.
I joined Chosen in 2005. I am that brother that God of Chosen made millionaire with #17000 I borrowed. God of Chosen started blessing me from Ladipo where I have my business and has now extended it to Trade Fair. God of this great commission also made me an importer and an exporter.

Before the just concluded crusade – THAT YOKE MUST BREAK, on 17th October precisely, I was here in the church, I told God that I need a testimony, that I need new things in my life. In that service, our General Pastor declared Miracle Alerts, while in the service, I got an alert of #200,000 but was not happy. I told God if you made me a millionaire with just #17, 000 that #200,000 is too small. I got another alert of #200,000 making #400,000 but still told God that I won’t go out to testify that the money is still too small. I forgot about the whole stuff and followed the programme keenly. While I returned to my sit, after dancing in front of the pulpit with other brethren as manner is in any service, I got another alert of #1,270,000.

While I got this Miracle alert, I called my wife and my branch at Ladipo to inquire if any sales was made and she said no. I got to Trade Fair and asked my team there if any supply was made or any business transactions but nothing of such. By the special grace of God, I am an importer and exporter. I imagined how the alert came but couldn’t figure out. The next day, I proceeded to the bank to confirm the source of the money but it could not be traced. I knew right there that an angel of the Lord has sent the money. The first #400, 000 that came from my customers, I decided that I won’t touch it. The miracle money, #1,270,000 was still in my account after one week I checked back.


This great God started with me, with a borrowed #17,000. My in-law borrowed me #20,000. Then, we were living at Agbado, in 1 room apartment (we were many in that room). Out of that #20,000, I gave my wife #3,000 and took the remaining #17,000 to the Altar and prayed before setting out to Cotonou for my business. I wore my apron to Cotonou, on getting to the border, everybody that saw me called me Pastor and offered to give me goods that runs in million, that I should go and sell and reinburse the money. In that business trip, I made gain of #150,000. I returned the money and having seen my sincerity/integrity, they linked me with more business opportunities and told those people that I’m faithful, that I am a Pastor.

The favour I got made many to think I was using charm. A man was there to get goods but was told to leave it for me even with his cash. God expanded my business and made me importer in a short while. I got more international connections. A man I didn’t know sent container to me from China. God having blessed me, I have sowed seeds severally to support God’s work at different level. I have sponsored many in school.

I am here to return my tithe, as part of my vow to God on the Miracle alert I received.

This God that made me what I am without anything will take you to the next level, in Jesus name.

Are you experiencing dryness in your life? That same man who gave hope to this our brother will visit you. He will make you blossom. Just keep a date with Jesus come Saturday 30th and Sunday 1st December, 2019. Jesus, the hope for the needy will come through for you.

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