67 Years Old Woman Gives Birth To 2 Bouncing Baby Boys After 28 Years Barrenness


My name is Sis Saintina Okeke from Ikorodu Central. I joined this great movement in 2004 and since then this God of Chosen has never failed me. I’m thankful to this great God for making me and my household Chosen.

I am here to testify on behalf of my sister in law, who God broke 28 years barrenness in her life. She’s not a member of this ministry. Our General Pastor said that once you’re a Chosen that you can stand in the gap for your family members. I and my husband stood for her in the place of prayer. Before I was married into their family, she has already gotten married. She’s 67 years old. Because of this barrenness, they want to send her packing but I continually reminded God about her case, using her picture as a point of contact.

It got to a point that I told my husband that I’ll conceive and give the child to her after birth but my husband declined that request, that we should keep praying for her. I invited her to one of our programmes in Lagos all the way from Onitsha. She eventually conceived but carried the baby in the womb for good 2 years. Her husband told her to get rid of what she’s carrying that she’s not pregnant. People ridiculed her that she faked the pregnancy, that she padded her stomach with clothes. She shared this experience with me but I encouraged her to keep faith, that we are sowing seeds on her behalf.

In one of our combined services, our beloved Daddy in the Lord said we should tell God what we want and I told God that I want her to deliver her babies. She called my husband, that she has delivered 2 bouncing baby boys last Sunday. This God is so great – after passing the age of Menopause, my sister-in-law delivered to the consternation of the enemies. Our enemies were put to shame and the name of the Lord of host has been glorified.

I want to specially thank God who removed this shame from us. May his name be praised now and forever more.

Are you out there and you are asking God, when will it be my turn? No matter your age even if you’ve passed the age of Menopause, the God who broke this unbreakable yoke in the life of my sister-in-law shall break yours come Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th October, 2019 at Chosen Revival Ground, Ijesha, Lagos as you come.

Bring all your issues to Him, you’re the next to testify in Jesus name.

N/B: You can watch the video of this Great testimony on this link;

Photo Credit: Chosen Online Revivalist Media Crew International Headquarters, Lagos.

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