Saved from being lynched to death – fuel poured on me refused to catch fire



This is an incredible testimony. It’s one of those testimonies that leaves us praising God for doing what only Him alone can do. Kindly peruse the testimony below.


Bro Pascal Makuochukwu is thanking God for making him a Chosen. He is here to return all the glory to God for intervening and saving his life from being cut short by the evil ones.

According to his testimony, He went to the market to buy some house equipment, as he was returning back, he was driving along Kubwa Road, Abuja where he was caught in a traffic jam. While he was waiting for the traffic to move, he heard some group of people shouting “thief!  thief!!  thief!!!”
He thought they were pursuing a thief so he looked out to see who it was. Behold they gathered around his car and ordered him to come out from the car.  He told them ” I am not a thief” but they insisted that he must come down from the vehicle first.

As a Navy Officer though he wasn’t on uniform at the moment, he called his elder brother who is also a Navy and briefed him the situation on ground. His brother advised him not to come down and told him to drive straight to the Naval Base. He then pretended as if he wanted to come down and requested that they make space for him to open the door, as they moved back a little he zoomed off. Behold all the motor cyclists in that area and some vehicles around who doesn’t know what was going on joined in the pursuit against him because they heard that they are pursuing after a thief.

When he approached the road to their base,  behold the road was blocked by traffic jam so he immediately called his brother again and his brother advised him to drive straight to the nearest police station, that he will be coming there with reinforcement from the base to rescue him. He made a fast turn and headed for the police station. On getting to the road that leads there behold the road was also blocked by traffic jam. He called his brother again and his brother gave him a direction through the map assuring him that he will track the car and meet him there.

While he was driving with the map, he got to a street, unfortunately the gate on that street was locked and his pursuers caught up with him. They used blocks to wage his tyres and told him “you think you know how to run, we don catch you”. These men were mostly Hausa men and they were so many in number. According to his estimate, they could be almost about 100 of them. This time they furiously ordered him to come down but one man from the midst of the crowd came close and told him “Whatever you do, don’t ever come down from this vehicle”.

The men said “since you don’t want to come down, we will break the glass and bring you down by force”. They started throwing stones at the glass with the aim of breaking it but to their surprise, the glass could not even crack. He just bowed his head to the steering and calling upon God to save him because there was nothing else he could do. When they saw that they were not making any progress with that, one of them came close and said “Na Ibo man, he think say he get strong juju, l I go show him say ma my father be the overall for this area (He is an Igbo man,  he thinks his charms are strong,  I’ll show him that my father is the overall in this area) He took a big block and hit it directly on the glass, the block broke into pieces but there was no crack on the glass.

They went and brought fuel saying “since you will not come down, we will burn you together with the car”. They poured fuel on the car and light a match on it, behold it seemed like one trying to set water on fire (it didn’t catch fire). One of them started walking around the car making enchantment, after which they poured another fuel on the car and light matches on it but there was no fire.  At this moment, his brother and a friend came running towards their direction and behold the entire crowd took to their heels and flee the scene remaining only the man who told him never to come down from the vehicle. He opened the door and asked the man “why are these people running? “the man told him “Can’t you see these two lions that are running towards us? ” He responded “but these people are my brothers” the man told him “But what the people saw was 2 Lions”.

When his brother got to him, they happily greeted, he then asked his brother “what about the reinforcement? “his brother told him that they were being caught in a traffic so the two of them started coming on foot. The man who has been with him throughout the whole incident told them “see,  there is not even a single scratch on the vehicle” he went to the back of the vehicle to show them how it looked, as they followed to see what he was showing them behold they couldn’t see him anymore (He had disappeared).

Our brother who was later joined by his mother on the podium sang songs of praise to reverence God for this great deliverance upon his life, glory, honour and adoration be unto His name.

Praise the Lord!!

Photo Credit: Chosen Online Revivalist Media Crew, Imo State.

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