Fibroid case turned to triplet, 9 years barrenness broken.


The wonders of God of Chosen was felt once again in the family of Mr and Mrs Daniel Obaji who hails from Ogbokodo in Delta State, Nigeria. He came to The Lord’s Chosen with a corroded yoke of 9 years barrenness but was healed on making supplications to the feet of our Master, Jesus in Chosen.

Hear her testimony;

God of Chosen has been so great to me since we joined Chosen in the year 2010.
I came here to appreciate God who specializes in making impossibilities possible, we’re here to appreciate God of the Chosen for breaking the yoke of 9 years barrenness and for blessing us with triplets, two boys and 1 girl; Sis Joy Chimnwemeri Daniel, Sis Grace Ifeanyichukwu, Bro Miracle Ebubechukwu.

Since 2010 when we joined this great movement, God of the Chosen broke the yoke of our infertility and blessed us beyond measures. In 2018, I had a dream where I was sharing testimonies of how God gave me my triplets.
I came to Church the next day and shared the testimony in my branch Church, after the testimony session, the branch Pastor assured me of coming at same pulpit to share the real testimony.

After two months of my dream, I became pregnant and went for medical check-ups.
After that encounter, I was booked for delivery process, my Pastor prayed for me and I delivered two babies to the glory of God remaining the third baby.

Reaching to give birth to the remaining baby, I was diagnosed of a fibroid.
The baby stayed one good month in my womb because of this birth abnormality called fibroid.

I went for scan after the one month has elapsed, the doctor after his several scan session insisted that he was seeing a baby in my stomach.
Immediately this news broke, I requested to call the attention of my husband, same news was broken to him.

We decided going to another hospital to make another medical checkup, the Doctor still broke out another news after the scan result that I was pregnant of a bouncing baby boy.

I then asked my husband for us to visit the next hospital making it three different counts of check ups, it was confirmed to be a bouncing baby boy.

After this encounter, I was booked for delivery of the third child in a hospital owned by a Chosen member.
My delivery was delayed at this process as it was very difficult for me to be delivered of my baby.
The woman then called the G.O of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries -Pastor Lazarus Muoka, who picked and prayed with us, immediately the bouncing baby boy came out live.

We’re standing here today to render sacrifices of praise to the God of the Chosen, who turned a fibroid case to a bouncing baby boy.
To this God who did this, may his name alone be highly exalted in Jesus name, Amen!
Chosen Praise the Lord.

You can watch this testimony live via this link:

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Photo Credit: Chosen Online Revivalist Media Crew, Delta State Headquarters, Nigeria.

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