Idol worshipper repents and turns back to Christ.


Bro Michael Onyebuchi Okereke who resides in Rivers State, Nigeria joined Chosen in June 2019. He is appreciating God for delivering him from practicing spiritism, occultism and idol worshiping.

Hear the full details of his testimony:

I met a sister in Chosen who God used to preach to me about my Salvation, after hearing her preaching, I was delivered from worshiping idol. I met the Sister through the contract I ran for her husband, the Husband paid me the sum of one million, three hundred thousand naira (1.3 million) as payment for the Job done. I didn’t fulfill my own part of the Contract till I squandered the cash deposited with me.
The wife then came back from Lagos State where she resides and the husband reported to her what he has been in with me since a while now.

The wife after hearing the incident called me on a telephone call, she asked me if I was serving any god and I told her I don’t know what she was saying, when I reached home, I went back to consult my oracles to know where the problems were coming from.

That same day, I went to one of Zenith Bank Branches in my locality where I was banking to check my account balance, only to find out that my money which I saved in the bank has varnished.
The wife of the man called me that same day and asked me where I was, I told her I was at the Bank and that my money is no more in the bank. She then asked me if I used her husband money carelessly and I answered yes ma’am, that I stole about a sum of seventeen thousand Naira (#17,000). She said may the God of Chosen forgive me, immediately I heard her declaration on phone, another new life came into me, my life was touched for good and my life changed for a better man.
In fact, a new man entered me immediately.
She also made a comment laying emphasis in the Bible book of Ecclesiasts 10:8;

“Whosoever breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite him”.

Fear now gripped me immediately because I never heard such a proverb as I was thinking aloud to myself. I now decided to open up to her and told her everything I was into, I told her how I started serving the idols, idols like Agwunshi, Urasi, Obana, Queen of Heaven, God of Iron, Ancestral Spirit (Spirit of the Land) and God of Wealth.

After she heard all my confessions, I decided myself to give my life to Jesus Christ, as my personal Lord and Saviour.

This is because, I wasn’t comfortable with my former life, I fell condemned as I had nothing to show for the former life I was into.

Worthy also to note was that since I joined Christ through Genuine Salvation, confessed my sins, all the things I do before including smoking, womanizing and all the social vices I was into were things of the past. Now that am in Christ,I  am now a new creature, old things are now gone and behold am now a new man enjoying the free gifts of Christ which supersede all other things I had enjoyed and seen before.

My Advise to those still in Sin;

I want to advice the public who are still indulging into same abomination I was into previously, to repent, accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and our God will do them great good just as he did to me today. Now, am totally free from idol worshiping and the chemistry of my life including comfortability is intact.

Chosen Praise the Lord!

N/B: You can watch the video of this fearful and trembling testimony on this link;

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Photo Credit: Chosen Online Revivalist Media Crew.

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