How God delivered me from the hands of ritualist


 Sis Ebhodaghe Eunice is appreciating God for what he did for her .

Last Tuesday morning I decided to go see my husband in Benin ,so I took a bike to Ekpoma where I entered a Siena bus through Benin/Auchi road. I never knew the bus I took from Ekpoma was filled with ritualist. The first thing I noticed inside the bus was the three persons at the back were sleeping. At the middle one was sleeping. Immediately after  AAU campus, the man at the extreme in the middle of the car said he wants to ease himself, he came down and told me to enter inside since I’m with a baby; of which I did. A little while the car diverted to Iruekpen road and I asked them why are they taking that road, they said the road at  the front was bad. What I noticed shortly after was a sharp pain in my waist and I begin to see myself going weak and weak after which I slept off.

 Later I heard my baby crying and the three men told my baby to keep quiet that his mother has gone far. Then I realised I was in danger so I pretend to be sleeping. Just after that they said one of the five of us sleeping has woken up, I closed my eyes so that they wouldn’t discover that I was the one. After a while the car stopped and they wanted to carry me out then I jumped out with my baby on my back. They said yes we knew one of you wasn’t sleeping.  There I declared to them that I am a chosen three times. I said I can’t die. They said to me you that is already dead saying you won’t die. They said we shall see how that name you are calling will set you free. I kept declaring myself a chosen while they dragged myself and the four others  inside their house in the forest .

  I saw a man butchering people in pieces on each table and fear took over me. I continued declaring I’m a chosen inside my mind. When it got to my turn, the butcher told them to take me out of this place that I’m destroying his kingdom. He became angry with the men that brought me that he has warned them not to bring people like me there.

They pushed me outside and gave me my baby and on Wednesday morning, they took me to a woman who was in charge of babies. The were several babies there. The woman told me, “its like your God wants to save you.” I told her that I’m a chosen that the God of chosen will save me. I passed Wednesday and Thursday night with her and  on Thursday night while i was sleeping the woman tapped me three times and as I looked up she told me again” its like your God wants to save you.”

 Surprisingly, on Friday early morning the woman told me they said I should leave then and the men with the car that brought me came and dragged me and my baby inside the vehicle. As soon as I entered, I lost my consciousness. What I heard after was the cry of my baby and woke up to find myself and my baby by the side of a silent/lonely road. I rushed into the bush waiting for about 30mins before a bike man came, who then told me to enter the bike that the place is dangerous. I wanted to tell the bike man what happened ,he  then told me there wasn’t any need for that, because he already knows, and that was how he  brought me to Uzeba in Sabogida Ora, Owan west local government.

Brethren that was how this God of chosen saved me…


Photo Credit: Chosen Online Revivalist Media, Edo State


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