God Frustrated Kidnappers And Cancelled 25 Million Ransom Over My Husband


Bro Momah Joseph together with Sis Christiana Momah mounted the poduim with great joy, to appreciate the only good God of Heaven, the God of the Chosen for confirming the words of his servant, Pastor Lazarus Muoka in the life of her husband who was kidnapped sometimes ago.

Both resides in Portharcourt and joined Chosen in the year 2006, in Port Harcout.

It was on the 20th of June, 2019 around 8pm that her husband together in the company of his driver in his Highlanders’ Jeep, on his way from Etche in Rivers State, were accosted by armed men in Police Aprons.
She said the husband narrated to her that there were irregular torch flash on the way immediately he got to a particular point.
They thought it was the Police men on duty not knowing that they were heavy guys in Police Aprons, armed to the teeth.
They accosted his highlanders’ Jeep, they stopped them and wanted to shot at her husband.

He obeyed our Daddy’s instruction to always declare, “I AM CHOSEN” 3 times in the face of any danger and ask the danger who are you? Daddy also said if the danger persist, that we should declare, “Where is the God of my Pastor’s Power, that we’ll see the Glory of God and something more than man”.

The kidnappers asked him to follow them, they only beat up his driver who was with him.
They immediately led them to the bush, even there in the danger zone, he was still calling upon the name of God, to come to his aid.  
He was asked to call his wife which he did.
After his wife heard what happened through a phone call, the kidnappers demanded a ransom of Twenty Five Million Naira (25 million) before they can release him.
His wife told them that she can’t afford the amount. They asked the wife to come over with his husband’s cloth, with the intension of  kidnapping her when she arrives.

His wife after looking up and down without any other hope attended the just concluded Rivers State International Program titled “God has Power to Do this or that” held in Yakubu Gowon Stadium, Rivers State on the 22nd & 23rd June, 2019 where she met our G.O on Saturday and he laid hands on her husband’s Picture and declared “They will release him unharmed’’. She claimed it by faith and hoped on God to do his wonders in the life of her husband.

The General Overseer while on the Poduim also prayed and issued another declaration on Sunday being the Grand Finale of the Crusade saying, “if they did not release him, his God will show them something more than men”.

On Monday 24th June, 2019, they called his wife and asked her to get ready and take her Husband home.

They gave her directives on how to locate them. On their direction on how to locate her way to where they were, She was able to locate that hidden place.

They asked her through a telephone conversation to tell the person following her to stop, else they will waste her husband’s life and hers. She replied them that she’s alone, after some minutes, she saw one of them armed, who asked her to go home that they will release her husband in the evening because he’s looking very tattered at that point.
She told them that she was not having transport money with her, that they should assist her to get back home.
They requested that she go through the tarred road which she came from, promising that they will keep some money for her in a sack bag which will aid her movement back to her destination.

This they fulfilled without any delay. They kept One thousand naira (#1000) which she used to go back to their house hoping to see her husband back home healthy and alive. They later released him on Monday night (24/06/29) after Daddy’s declaration on Sunday 23/06/19, in #PortHarcourt2019 crusade.

She’s returning all glory and adoration to this great God who made them to rejoice after their tribulations.
She said no money was spent to release her husband from the den of the kidnappers.

She advised all her listeners out there to always have confidence in this miracle working God.

Chosen Praise the Lord!

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Photo Credit: Chosen Online Revivalist Media Crew.

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