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TEXT: Daniel 1:8; 6:10; 11:32, Jude vs. 3; Acts 5:27-29; Matt. 11:12 Rom. 1:32

PREAMBLE:  Dictionary meaning of the word UNCOMPROMISING is: showing an unwillingness to make concessions to others, especially by changing one’s ways or opinions. But Uncompromising Youth in this context is simply defined as a youth who is scripturally born again, believes in God and the totality of the balanced teachings of all the doctrines of the Bible especially that of Heaven and Hell Fire and have resolved unshakably and in an unwilling manner to stand firmly with God and for God and His word and not to do or involve in any act of sin that will cause him or her to loose Heaven and go to Hell even at the expense of his or her life, lose of privilege, position, financial benefits or any of the earthly glory whatsoever (Mark 8:36). While Dictionary meaning of the word COMPROMISING is: a settlement of differences by mutual concessions; an agreement reached by adjustment of conflicting or opposing claims, principles, etc., by reciprocal modification of demands. But Compromising Youth on the other hand is that so-called unbelieving believing youth, who claimed to have been born again but lacked personal conviction of the existence of God, the consequences of disobedient to God’s word and using earthly wisdom that says ‘Heaven helps those who helps themselves’ for the sake of acquiring temporary and earthy glory at the expense of losing heaven and becoming candidate of hell fire. God will judge every act of compromise. And if a so-called child of God dies in compromise, he or she will not make heaven (Rom. 1:32). And because human beings including youths are fond of giving unacceptable excuses why God should not judge them of their acts of compromise, Daniel’s uncompromising lifestyle is recorded to justify God’s righteous judgements on sinners and compromisers on the last day (Rev. 20:11-15). Remember, Daniel was a youth in a strange land at this time with no Parents, Guardian, General Overseer, Youth or Campus Coordinator, even no Christian friend to encourage him but he stood alone with God and for God. May I inform the youths listening to this message that Jesus Christ did not compromise the standard for providing salvation for mankind (Matt. 26:39) and only Him paid the price for our redemption. In the same vein, only you is expected to give your life to Christ and stand with God and for God in all circumstances as our Daddy G.O. rightly said, ‘Heaven is Individual Race’.
Therefore, the principle guiding an uncompromising youth is, ‘Others May, But I Cannot’

We shall consider this topic under two sub-headings
(i) Daniel’s Uncompromising Qualities, Oppositions and Achievements
(ii) Our Application and Expected Response

Point One: Daniel’s Uncompromising Qualities, Oppositions and Achievements
Daniel 6:1-10; 1:1-8; 6:10; Isaiah 10:1-3; Daniel 6:14-28; Daniel 11-32
Uncompromising Qualities: This was not the first time Daniel has been exhibiting qualities of uncompromising lifestyle (Daniel 1:8; Isaiah 49:26). Daniel became a distinguished personality among his colleagues because an excellent spirit was found in him. king Darius has given Daniel first class presidential position among the rest Presidents. Not only that there was a clear and confirmed information from the king himself that Daniel would soon be appointed to oversee the whole realm which led to the enemies plot against his uncompromising lifestyle (Daniel 6:4).
Daniel’s Oppositions: These presidents were envious about the advancement, promotion of Daniel and of course the yet to be materialized appointment that will make him president over the whole realm. They also do not want the continuity of that privileged position of Daniel as well as the realization of the coming appointment approved by the King. Hence, they

into actions to set traps against Daniel for the purpose of finding fault in Daniel which might lead to termination of his present appointment and consequently, hinder the realization of the King’s future desire and plans for Daniel. This they did by trying to find fault in the work of the Kingdom in the Palace. But the Bible says Daniel was found faithful in the discharge of his duties. They might have set trap for him in the area of finance; relationship with the opposite sex, performance of his duties etc yet he was found faithful neither was any error or fault found in him. When they discovered that all their efforts to pull him down in the Kingdom work proved abortive, they decided to adopt another strategy. (Daniel 6:5-9). Their inability to find fault in Daniel concerning the work of the Kingdom prompted them to convey a meeting which was attended by all the Presidents of the Kingdom except Daniel (the targeted President), Princes, Governors, Counsellors and Captains. The agenda of the meeting was to find out an inescapable strategy to find fault in Daniel. The following were the resolutions which formed the content of the bill passed for the King’s Assent. Daniel could not be found guilty in any other thing except in the law of His God. That means, it is only when they ask him to disobey the laws of God that he would refused. Therefore they decided to promulgate a decree to achieve that purpose as follows:
‘No one in the Kingdom is allowed to pray to any other person including God Almighty except King Darius for thirty days. Violation of this law would be cast into the lion’s den’.
These people knew that Daniel would not obey such obnoxious law. So for them they have succeeded in their plans. They were able to convince the King to sign or in today’s Parliamentarian Language assent to the bill which according the laws of Medes and the Persians becomes unaltered and unchangeable even by the King himself.
All these plots were done to excommunicate Daniel from off the surface of the earth. Of course Daniel knew the circumstances surrounding him as uncommon in the sense that he was faced with powerful, influential, united Presidents, Governors, Princes, Counsellors and Captains who were very desperate, determined and resolved to:
(i) Hinder him from advancing in life
(ii) Create distrust between him and the King who have favored him higher than any other President in the Kingdom
(iii) Kill him so that the prospect and Plan of the King for him would not be materialized.
In your life you may face similar uncommon circumstances if you are regarded as one of the uncompromising Daniels’ in this generation.
Daniel 6:10 What does this phrase ‘Now when the writing was signed means’? It means:
(1) Daniel literally knew just like any other citizen in the Kingdom that a bill disallowing any one from making request to any other person for thirty days except King Darius has been signed into law.
(2) the bill originated, read and passed by the same group who were bent on destroying him. (3) the decree signed by the King is unchangeable, unaltered even by the King himself.
(4) the consequence of violating the decree is capital death by casting such a person into the lion’s den to be eaten up. (v) the decree was not meant for any other person in the Kingdom but was a targeted plot by his enemies against him. Why did I say this? Their actions before, during and after the promulgation of the decree reveal so.
(a) He was not invited to the meeting to participate on the passing of the bill yet by right he supposed to be part of the people since he was also a president. In fact he was a President with higher portfolio than them all. (b) The decree to make King Darius God for thirty days did not even originate from the King but the enemies of Daniel.
(c) That was why after the King has signed the law; they abandoned every other assignment to spy Daniel around his chamber. They refused to go anywhere except to the chamber of Daniel to monitor
his actions.
(d) That was why they made haste to report him without even finding out whether actually he was making request to King Darius or to God Almighty.
(e) That was why even when the King discovered that it was a trap against Daniel wanted to delay the prosecution process perhaps to pronounce kingly pardon but was reminded by these same enemies of Daniel concerning the unchangeable nature of the laws of Medes and Persians.
(6) he would definitely disobey the law.
(7) Daniel knew other consequences of disobeying this law, which might include: faced with the challenge from some of his colleagues who would use maladjusted, unbalanced scriptures to abuse or accuse him and make him feel he was proud, insincere, pretends to be the only prayerful person etc. (8) Daniel also knew that these people were wasting their time, lives an resources because God Who is the Creator of them and the lions was with him and His power, wisdom and might are incomparable.
(9) There is resurrection of the just and the righteous in God unto life everlasting. Therefore he was not afraid of death. “..And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt. Daniel 12:2-3” Daniel by this revelation and others was operating beyond his preset generation. He appropriated the future resurrection power of Christ, which assures all Saints of God of resurrecting to be with Him in heaven.
(10) Daniel knew that, if he were going to receive further promotion or retain his present privileged positions, it would not be on the ground of compromising his faith but total dependence. He knows promotion cometh not from the east or west but from God.
(11) it was a battle between satan and God; between satan’s representatives and God’s representatives. He therefore resolved as a servant of God to deal with all satanic oppositions against true worship of God. Because of these afore mentioned reasons and many more that led Daniel to take the following actions which I termed as uncommon. “Now when the writing was signed, he went into his house; and his windows being open in his chamber toward Jerusalem, he kneeled upon his knees three times a day, and prayed, and gave thanks before his God, as he did aforetime” (Daniel 6:10)
The emphasis here is: ‘His windows being open’ Daniel went into his house and prayed to God with all the windows in his chamber opened. Why did he decide to open his windows while praying especially at this time when the bill prohibiting such actions has been passed and signed into law?
Daniel had already known that the law was targeted at him hence he deliberately open his windows in other to hasten the prosecution without any complications.
Praying in his house with his windows open is deliberate uncompromising lifestyle. Normally, Daniel would have closed the windows and pray to God in secret as recorded in Matt. 6:5-6 And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are:…6 But thou when thou prayest enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray toothy Father which is in secret, and thy father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.
Some religious men and women at that time and even cotemporary time would have challenged Daniel of: (i) Being hypocritical in prayer (ii) Fanatical in his worship to God (iii) Practicing holier than thou attitude (iv) Mr. too know or the only prayerful person in town or in the city (v) Violating the above quoted scriptures.
However, the above passage cannot be applied to Daniel at this time because he was passing through uncommon circumstances, which required uncommon actions to achieve uncommon results. Daniel would not continue this type of prayer all the time. He will return to his normal prayer style after the accomplishment of the purpose. What were the specific objectives or aims of Daniel uncompromising lifestyle?
(1) To tell the enemies that he respect man but fears God
(2) That man-made laws cannot be equated or regarded as being superior to God’s laws
(3) That any law made by mortal man, created by God, which contradicts the laws of God, should be nullified
(4) He is to show publicly his uncompromising, fearless and courageous stand for God and His word before all men and even at the most difficult time
(5) To defend the name of the Lord and prove the power of God in the affairs of the Kingdom of men. What made Daniel to have the audacity to take this uncompromising stand? (1) Daniel had connection with the God of Heaven. He knew that the enemies’ connections and strategies were with the earthly king but his connections were with the King of kings who sitteth in heaven and rules in the affairs of the kingdoms of men. The enemies reported him to the earthly king but he reported them to the heavenly King. And as the heaven is higher than the earth, so is the power of God higher and mightier than the earthly powers
(2) The enemies’ gatherings were limited to the earth but his own strategic conference was with the triune God and His Holy Angels through prayer and holy living
(3) He knows that as far as innocence, truthfulness is found in him, God will fight for him and he would prevail
(4) promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west nor from the south. But God is the judge: He putteth down one, and setteth up another (Psalm 75:6) Daniel knew it is not by compromising his godly principles that will earn him promotion. He as well knows that, if God would want to promote him, God will not take counsel or permission from his enemies, God will not request for letter of recommendation from any of these enemies of progress before he would be promoted. God will not set up a committee (which membership would made up of enemies of progress) and promote him based on their recommendations or findings
(5) Daniel knew the power of prevailing prayer and any attempt to stop him from praying to the God of heaven from whence cometh his help, deliverance, supply, wisdom etc to conquer any opposition must be resisted with all grace within him (Daniel 11:32)
(6) Daniel knew it was a battle between God and satan. The law was promulgated to hinder the creatures of God to have fellowship and true worship. Therefore as a representative of God who believes that the kingdom suffereth violence and only the violent will cease it by force decided to stop this wicked decree and plot.
(7) Daniel knew, it was an unrighteous decree that would soon attract God’s woe, judgment, divine visitation that the promulgators will not escape (Isaiah 10:1-3). Obnoxious and Unrighteous in the sense that no human or spirit being including the king apart from God Almighty that has answer to all life problems. These and many more reasons not mentioned, prompted Daniel to deliberately disobey the law and was ready to face the consequences. When the king eventually discovered that it was a plot against Daniel he delayed the prosecution process with the intention to exercise his authority to issue kingly or royal pardon yet the enemies prevailed upon him and reminded him of the unchangeable nature of the laws of Medes and Persians. As a result, the king ordered that the penalty of violating the law be applied to Daniel. (Daniel 6:14-17).
At last Daniel was cast into the den of lions. God has power to deliver Daniel from entering into the den of lions but in His infinite wisdom, He allowed the enemies to cast him into the lion’s den. The king offered prayer of deliverance for Daniel before he was taken to the lion’s den Daniel himself has prayed for himself and concerning the situation yet he was cast into the den if lions.
There could be many reasons why God allowed faithful, trusting, innocent, righteous, holy, prayerful, dedicated and uncompromising Daniels to enter into the den of lions. But I know that the major reason was to prove to satan, the king, enemies of progress past, present and future that there are people who can seal their faith in God with their blood (life) no matter the threats, opposition, attacks, plots as a results of their obedience to God’s word, they will never recount or renounce their faith.
Daniel’s Achievement We should be reminded that why God actually fought for Daniel is because he understood and rightly applied the principle of prerogative power of a king that is he has the prerogative power to test you, misunderstand you, discipline you for the offence you did not commit.  Uncommon achievements took place in the life of uncompromising Daniel and they are written in the history book of God for all generations to learn from. (Romans 15:4; I Corinthians. 10:11).
(1) The carnivorous lions did not eat up Daniel. The king came to the den and called upon Daniel to see whether God whom he serveth continually was able to deliver him. To the greatest surprised, Daniel responded from the lion’s den and testified to faithfulness of God.  Daniel 6:21. This was an uncommon result because normally, after the fall of man there has not been any record of lion playing with human beings. Lions are referred to as carnivorous animal and as such they feeds on other animals including human beings. The expected normal result was that as soon as human being is cast into the den of lions, they (the lions) would eat up the person.
(2) The second uncommon achievement was that no manner of hurt was found on Daniel when he was brought out from the lions’ den. (Daniel 6:2). God sent an Angel to shut the mouths of the lions. I am sure the Lion of the tribe of Judah (Jesus Christ) in His Preincarnation appearance was also there with him to deliver him from both the physical lions and the devil who is referred to as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour whom Daniel had resisted through prevailing prayer and has overcome. It was a challenge to the power of God to deliver those who trust in Him. So God in His faithfulness proved to the king, the enemies of Daniel and all the citizen of the kingdom that He is God and besides Him there is no other God.
(3) Conduction of experiment to confirm the assumed changed nature of lions. The king, the enemies of Daniel and of course all the people under the reign of King Darius would have taught that the carnivorous nature of lions have changed. With that assumed idea, they would not ascribe the deliverance and protection of Daniel to God. They would also not going to fear the name of God. Hence, God instigated the king to perform an experiment to confirm this. In this experiment, the lion’s den becomes the laboratory room, while the lions and some other human beings apart from Daniel became the apparatus and the chemicals. It will surprise you to note that, the king commanded the enemies of Daniel, their wives, children to be used for the experiment. (Daniel 6:24). The result of the experiment reveals that the carnivorous nature of lions has not changed. Hence the lions ate up all the people cast into the den of lion.
(4) Reversal of death warrants. Another uncommon achievement was that the death warrant the enemies signed against Daniel was reversed and those who plotted to kill Daniel were the same people that were killed by the lions. (Daniel 6:24). Who were they?  Daniel 6:7 All the Presidents of the kingdom, the Governors, and the Princes, the Counselors, and the Captains…” All these enemies of Daniel who plotted to kill him, were the same people killed, and eaten up by the lions. (Ps. 7:8-17). When satan’s representatives decide to take the life of an uncompromising child of God, that death warrant will not work because of God’s protection upon that child of God. If those plotting, after series of warning refused to withdraw the death warrant and have made a covenant with devil saying over their dead bodies, this child of God must live, God will exchange their lives with that child of God they covenanted to kill. (Isaiah 43:2-4). That is why some renowned occult men and women just die suddenly because they touch the the untouchable. Haman plotted against Modecai and the Jews but at last, he was the one that died. He was hanged on the gallows he prepared for Modecai. The casket purchased and the burial ground prepared to bury you will not be used on you if you are a real child of God. Rather; it is those who plot to kill you and refused to repent that will die. Even in the New Testament, this principle of reversal of death warrant took place. When Herod plotted to kill Peter, the disciples prayed for Peter’s deliverance. Guess what happened? God sent an Angel to set Peter free and the same Angel killed Herod in that same chapter (Acts 12:1-23).
(5) The supporters of evil plot were also killed. Another uncommon achievement was that the wives and children of the presidents, governors, counselors and captains who supported the evil plot to kill Daniel were also cast into the den of lions. (Daniel 6:24). When people are doing evil in the Church, Community, Society, Nation Organization etc and you don’t speak against it, rather you support their evil deeds by keeping quiet, pretends as if you don’t know about it, the judgment of God will come upon the primary actors of the evil deeds as well as those who supported them. (Rom. 1:18-32). (6) Decree was promulgated to dethrone satanic worship and enthrone true worship of God throughout the Kingdom with Daniel’s name attached to it. Daniel’s uncommon actions led to the promulgation of a decree to dethrone all satanic and religious worships and enthrone the true worship of God throughout the country. It means the worship of God became a national issue. Any one that violates this decree and worship another god stands the danger of being destroyed. (Daniel 6:26). (7) What the enemies were kicking against still came to pass. Daniel was prospered in the reign of Darius and in the reign of Cyrus and Persian. This means he was promoted and exalted by God through the instrument of the earthly kings (Darius and Cyrus). The enemies with all their plots were unable to hinder the plan and purposes of God for Daniel. The God of Daniel is still very much alive today to deliver, sets free, promotes and exalt the present days Daniels beyond human comprehension and calculations if only they can act like him.

Point Two: Our Application and Expected Response
 Rom. 15:4; I Cor. 10:11; Daniel 11:32; Acts 5:27-29; Jude vs 3
All over the world, past, present and in the future (till Jesus comes); there are kings, kingdoms, personalities, corporate institutions (private and public), custodians of state powers are constantly contending against the supremacy of God and the cardinal doctrines of the Bible which includes
(1) The Holy Bible
(2) The God Head
(3) The Virgin Birth, Crucifixion, Burial, Resurrection and Bodily Ascension of Jesus Christ
(4) Total Depravity, Sinfulness and guilt of all men
(5) Repentance from sin
(6) Restitution
(7) Justification by faith
(8) Water Baptism by Immersion
(9)  The Lord’s Supper
(10) Entire Sanctification
(11) Holy Ghost Baptism
(12) Redemption, Deliverance, Healthy and divine Health
(13) Personal Evangelism
(14) Marriage
(15) Rapture of the Saints
(16) The Resurrection of the Dead
(17) The Great Tribulation
(18) The Second Coming of Christ
(19) Christ Millennium Reign
(20) The Great White Throne Judgement
(21) The New Heaven and the new earth
(22) Hell fire and God is looking for the likes of Daniel in every generation to live an uncompromising life and earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints (Jude vs 3). Specifically, God has said in His word, ‘Thou Shall NOT HAVE or WORSHIP (give praise or make request to or depend upon) any other gods beside Me(God)’ (Exo. 20:3-6; Matt. 4: 8-10) yet satan and its representatives all over the world are making obnoxious laws against the true worship of God. Again, God has equally said in His word in Mark 16:15-16 ‘And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature, He that believe and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned’, and in Matt. 28:18-20 ‘And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.’ Again, satan and its representatives all over the world are making obnoxious laws Policies and Decrees against the preaching of the gospel of Christ and His Kingdom. And when they had brought them, they set them before the council: and the high priest asked them, Saying, Did not we straitly command you that ye should not teach in this name? and, behold, ye have filled Jerusalem with your doctrine, and intend to bring this man’s blood upon us. Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men (Acts 5:27-29).’ The resultant effects are; youth restiveness and unrest, armed robbery, cultism, drug addicts, insecurity and other social vices which government and nations of the world are spending huge sums of money to combat the menace yet no solution because they are fighting against God’s word. We should not compromise our Christian faith within and outside the Church. We should be ready at all times to stand for God’s unchanging word and stand against every obnoxious law against God’s word and His Worship all over the world. Heaven is an individual race our Daddy G.O. said. Don’t follow multitudes to compromise your faith. Stand alone with God and God will stand by you in Jesus’ name. Just like Daniel overcame and caused national revival, we too can do the same in Nigeria and all over the nations of the world until kings and presidents will make laws for all to worship the God of Chosen. Daniel 6: 25-28 Then king Darius wrote unto all people, nations, and languages, that dwell in all the earth; Peace be multiplied unto you. I make a decree, That in every dominion of my kingdom men tremble and fear before the God of Daniel: for he is the living God, and stedfast for ever, and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed, and his dominion shall be even unto the end. He delivereth and rescueth, and he worketh signs and wonders in heaven and in earth, who hath delivered Daniel from the power of the lions. So this Daniel prospered in the reign of Darius, and in the reign of Cyrus the Persian. (Isaiah 8:20; Matt. 24:35; Rev. 22:18-19). Then, the saying of our Daddy G.O. will come to pass ‘We are taking the world by Signs and Wonders’

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