Beware of satan’s craftiness – By Pst Chidozie Amadi



TEXT: MATT. 4:1-10; JOHN 10:10A; 2 CORINTHIANS 2:11; 1 PETER 5:8; REVELATION 12:12

All the youths in this programme should know that we are in battle with Satan. He is out to fight the young people for pleasing their creator and doing that which He wants from
them. Satan is out with lots of deception to take away captives for himself. John 10:10; 2
Timothy 2:26. He is doing everything to stop any destiny child who is making it here and in the world above. 1 Thess. 2:18; 2 Timothy 4:10. This is to let you know that you have to sit up to stand against the move and approach he is making towards you and never to allow him have victory over you. The bible says “you should fight a good fight of faith. 1 Timothy 6:11-12. Again you have to be watchful and be alert, Knowing fully he walks around seeking whom to devour. 1 Peter 5:8; Isaiah 14:15-17, for he has devoured so many great men,
champions, mighty men and great destinies. If you allow him in your life, he will destroy you without looking back or showing
mercyJohn 10:10. That is why you have to beware of his craftiness (the things he sets as trap to hook you). I pray you shall not fall victim to it. You have to “BEWARE”

For more insight of this message, we shall consider the following sub-headings;


You should know that the BEING in our context is not our equal, friend, senior brother nor uncle. He is a being without flesh, he is a spirit, an Ark Angel called Satan, devil, great dragon and Lucifer Revelation 12:8; Isaiah 14:12. Christ called him the strong man Luke 11:21; Eph. 6:10-13. He lost heaven and came down here on earth with a great mission, Revelation
12:12, his mission is to steal, kill and destroy John 10:10. So, he has many deceptions, things set at your door to catch and bring you down in order to turn you against your Creator and to make you never live a holy life, please your God and to make heaven at last. These are the deceptions Fashion, Painting, Money, Talisman, Ornaments, Immorality, Social media, Smart phones, Cultism, Tobacco, Night clubs, and all forms of sin.

Satan is the originator of sin 1John 3:8, John 8:44. He brought down Adam and Eve through sin and took over their position. Genesis 3:1-7. That is why you must not allow him to bring you down, make you a backslider and he will bring different kinds of temptations, trials and sufferings to you in order to make you
yield to his deceptions. You have to stand firm and resist him. If you resist him steadfastly, he will flee from you James 4:7, Peter 5:8-9. Our Lord Jesus Christ resisted him when he came
to Him Matthew 4:1-10, you can’t let him win you and take you away from the will of God.


You have to equip yourself as a soldier of Christ Eph. 6:10, 2 Timothy 2:3-4 in order to live and maintain purity, righteousness at all cost. Preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus
anywhere you are found 1 Peter 1:14-16, Mark 16:15-18, 2 Timothy 4:2. Learn to study and meditate on God’s word Joshua 1:8, Psalm 1:2-3, 1 Peter 2:2. Build the altar of personal prayer life Matthew 26:40-41; 1 Thess. 5:17, always engage yourself in spiritual exercises Matthew 17:17-21, avoid and separate
yourselves from the company of sinners, backsliders and unbelievers 2Corinthians 4:14-18, Eph. 5:11, Proverbs 1:10,
Psalm 1:1-2, set your mind on the things above Colossians 3:1-2, not avoiding the fellowship of the brethren here in the church
and at school Hebrews 10:25, always go for counselling when you don’t understand what is wrong with your spiritual life. Proverbs 15:22, Proverbs 11:14.

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