Partnership with Linda made me lose my Bank’s Manager Job, Sight, Marriage and lots more.


Excerpt from Mgbidi 2019 Leaders and Workers Int’l Conference -Day 2

Julie Gabriel Omeiza who hails from Tufuru area of Gombe State and joined Chosen in July, 2019 has further exposed the activities of the satanic Agent, Linda who she said was her close ally during the periods of her blasphemy against the Church of God, the Lord’s Chosen.
Sis Julie Gabriel was held hand in hand to the testimony rostrum by her Sister due to her inability to see (total blindness).

Furtherance to the claims of Linda that Chosen Church and her Pastor – Pst Lazarus Muoka is working for Satan, they’ve been proves from some of the colleagues of Linda whom God decided using to exonerate and vindicate the man of God and an apostle of holiness, Pastor Lazarus Muoka from this allegations capable of bringing disunity and discord in the Christendom.

She was formally a dedicated member of Holiness Revival Ministry as at 2013; a Church owned by Paul Rika who was believed to be a former member of the Deeper Life Bible Believing Church and a one time usual visitor of the Lord’s Chosen Church Headquarters located in Jabi, Abuja, Nigeria.

Holiness Revival Ministry is a partnership Church where Linda drew many of her agents from according to Sis Julie while testifying but today, Linda and her evil mission has been exposed.
Same Ministry was where she was recruited by Linda to work against the Church of God.
She said she met Sister Linda personally and bought her evil Cassette of blasphemy against the Lord’s Chosen Church and also watched the video.

After watching the video according to her, she used the prevaricating information from the cassettes to speak against the Lord’s Chosen Church.
She ignorantly told people that Python always appear through a canal near the Church Pulpit at the Cooperate Headquarters of the Chosen located in Ijesha, Lagos, Nigeria.
She said its main motive is to monitor the activities of the Church and deceive members to join the movement against their wish.

She also went ahead discouraging people from attending Chosen and used her money to propagate the production of more of the cassettes, an effort aimed at bringing Chosen to its abrupt end and closure.

Her life after;
She recounted how she started using eyes glasses and graduated to total blindness after watching that Demonic Cassette produced by Linda.

Her marriage was also shattered on the 28th May, 2019. Presently, she said she has high blood pressure, diabetes, dislocation of the legs, boils in her private part and she lost her Job at Union Bank as a Manager, all because she took it upon herself to destroy the works of God in the Lord’s Chosen Church.

She said she’s pleading with the Church and the G.O to forgive her and ask God to restore all that she has lost in the past immediately she watched Linda Cassette.

As a mark of her total repentance, she promised to go back home and tell those whom she have deceived before to come back to Chosen and be saved from their sins.

In her words “All my friends from Holiness Revival Ministry are passing through one problem or the other, just because they were deceived by Linda” but now, she’s glad to be in Chosen to seek the face and favour of God.
She declared herself and family Chosen forever in Jesus name Amen.
She wished the General Overseer and all the entire Chosen Heaven at last in Jesus name Amen.
Chosen Praise the Lord!

You can watch it live via this link below;


Photo Credit: Chosen Online Revivalist Media Crew.

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